Beyond a Statue or Plaque Why Philipp Litho Values Award Competitions

Stacy Buening, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Philipp Lithographing Co.

In an industry facing wide- spread consolidation, top- notch competition, tighter deadlines, lower margins, and advances in technol- ogy, the unique niche in large-format printing that we at Philipp Lithographing Co. once enjoyed is becoming more crowded every day.

As we strive to continue to The Magazine 16 4.2017

exceed our customers’ expectations and maintain our reputation for excellence, we have quickly become an “Insti-Print” shop for large-format, and we are finding ourselves working faster, harder, longer, and smarter. In the midst of lightning-fast production and busy press schedules, we get lost in the details of every job ensuring that each aspect of the job is perfect. As a result, we often lose sight of the big picture: the quality product we are producing, the team effort it’s taken to achieve such quality, and the resulting satisfaction and pride of our customers and their customers as their project is rolled out into the marketplace.

When we participate in PIA’s Premier Print Awards competition and our regional Great Lakes Graph- ics Association (GLGA) Graphic Excellence Awards competition, we slow down each spring—if only for a moment. We review and reflect on what we have produced during the year and select those projects which best capture and exhibit our commitment to quality, innovation, and technology.

Then, in late spring and summer, when we receive the winners packets announcing our successes and industry recognition from the Premier Print Awards

and the Graphic Excellence Awards, a renewed sense of pride surfaces from both our customers and Philipp Litho. It is widely accepted that PIA and GLGA (being one of the largest local print industry associations) represent the voice of the print industry, and both the Badger Award (at the local level) and the Benny Award (at the national level) are much-coveted. They exemplify the best of the best in a particular print category. Competing against hundreds of top printing companies, we have earned both Badger and Benny Awards in the point-of-purchase and large format print categories, and it is an honor for Philipp Litho to be included in such a prestigious group of printers.

Our customers also place great value on the recog- nition from PIA and GLGA and are eager to display our awards in their facilities. They often ask us to provide additional awards for their customers. These awards are tangible evidence of our partnership with our customers, and they validate our customers’ con- fidence in Philipp to produce a high-quality product.

Receiving awards from the Premier Print Awards serves not only as evidence to our customers and the industry of our capabilities and commitment to quality, but it boosts our employee morale. Our employees’ excitement surrounding our award recognition is unequivocal. They feel as though they are part of a winning team; that experience and the objective recognition from the Premier Print Awards is unparalleled and invaluable in creating a sense of community within Philipp Litho.

Thus, every year as the deadline to participate in the Graphic Excellence Awards and the Premier Print Awards approaches, we anxiously review the year’s projects hopeful that one of those will be worthy of a Benny.


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