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News Homes crisis

COUNCILchiefs say a combination of soaring property prices and wel- fare reforms could see social hous- ing organisations buying up sites in Kent. A new report by Kent County Council delivers the warning against a backdrop of benefit caps and a tightening up of eligibility. It claims that housing associations

fear a cut in social housing rents until 2020 could mean 600 fewer homes being built each year in Kent.


THE Maidstone Mummy has been scanned to reveal the secrets of the 2,700-year-old teenager. Ta-Kush, who was 14 when she

died, has been scanned at a local hospital in the hope her face can be reconstructed and any other details of her life revealed. It is also hoped to prove once and

for all that she is not, in fact, a he. Ta-Kush has been a favourite at

the St Faith’s Street collection and came to England in the 1820s.

Poppy appeal

THIS year’s Poppy Appeal is launched at County Hall in Maid- stone onWednesday, October 26. ArmisticeDay falls on Friday, No-

vember 11 and Remembrance Sun- day on the 13th.

Lier police are back on beat after review

MAIDSTONE’S “litter police” are back on duty after being hauled over the coals by the borough council…and one departure from the sub-contracted team. It follows complaints from the

public about the council’s private enforcers being too heavy-handed. A woman was fined £80 at Tovil

for feeding ducks – because the warden maintained there were no birds around. The fine was later withdrawn by the contractor, King- dom Security. It follows the return of 61 fines by

the private enforcement firm since the company won the £160,000 two-year contract to enforce the council’s litter laws last June. But it appears this was the final

straw, leading the council’s envi- ronmental enforcement manager Martyn Jeynes to suspend the serv- ice for a thorough investigation. The suspension of the service,

which lasted 26 days, saw officers finally return to the streets on Oc- tober 12, minus at least one male of- ficer, amid calls for better training of all frontline staff.

Butt of the fines

A BREAKDOWN of the fines issued since September 1 2015 shows more than 2,000 fineswere issued for dropping cigarette ends, while only about 130 were issued for dropping litter. Fixed penalty notices were is-

The borough council’s head of environment, Jennifer Shepherd, said enforcement officers would be returning to duties following the review of the contract, which runs until June next year. She added: “I can confirm there

have been a number of personnel changes which Kingdom have made during the review andwe an- ticipate that two new officers will be joining the team. “We have been working closely

with Kingdom to ensure officers are able to provide a service which fulfils our priority of a clean and

sued for: • Cigarettes - 2,043 • Food/food packaging/chewing gum – 36 • Dog fouling – 8 • Other litter (cellophane, plastic stirrers etc.) – 98 • Literature – 16 Total 2,201

safe environment.” It is understood this will be a commitment to ensure officers re- ceive full training and regular re- fresher courses about the way in which they conduct themselves in response to the council’s enforce- ment requirements. Kingdom Security declined to comment.



shops in from the main entrance on the right hand side, next door to Virgin Media.


* Due to the cheap throw away shoes nowadays! County Cobbler are now offering some lower priced shoe repairs. Ladies Stiletto heels £4.99 – larger £5.99 & £6.99 Men’s Rubber heels £7.99

KEYS * We specialise in men’s leather soles stitched on.

*Yale & mortice type keys (house keys) – discount on multi key orders

* NEW* specialised keys – i.e. drill, tubular, magnum & laser

* Most car keys cut * We can supply cups, trophies & tankards

to sports clubs Yale type £5

2 for £7.50 3 for £10!!!

We also cut Mortice, Chubb Security & most car keys

* Engraving service * Watch batteries & straps replaced – watch repairs & servicing

Please call or call in for expert advice on all of our services from our highly trained staff.

Our Week Street shop is now closed – any shoes/bags etc will be taken to our new shop at 370 The Mall. 6

County Cobbler 370 The Mall, Dukes Walk, Chequers Centr Maidstone November 2016

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