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Parish field A resident expressed disappointment in the maintenance of the boundary. He said he had recently taken eight bags of brambles to the tip. Cllr Gooch expressed surprise as the parish council had not been approached about this and said that over the last two years efforts had been made to keep on top of the overgrowth.A site visit would be arranged to assess the problem. Kick board Playinnovation had contacted the parish council to see what local fundraising had been done for this project and how much the parish council could contribute. The parish council is puing forward the land and would be paying for future maintenance. Cllr Gooch would approach Cllr Paulina Stockell and Golding Homes to see if they could help towards funding.A contribution of £500 seemed fair, as long as therewas a guarantee regarding paint coating. Football club The container could not be moved back any further for practical reasons. The angle of the entrancewas an issue and therewere concerns over the weight of the container affecting the stability of the bank. Itwas suggested that hawthorn bushes are planted to stop people going around the back of the container. The clubwas still looking for a permanent home ground. Mobile police stations Due to PCSO staffing levels a decision had been made by the Chief Constable’s office to withdraw the mobile police station and assign officers to other roles. The local PCSOs would remain the same and residentswere reminded to use 101 to report non- emergency maers. Cleaning contract There had not been any increase for the past eight years and although the lack of noticewas disappointing, memberswere happy with the service. Members also noted that the other companies would also have to increase prices to cover the national living

ADOOR was damaged at a house in New- buryAvenue, Allington. Avehicle parked in London Road, Alling-

ton,was damaged. A Toyota Aygo parked in Portsdown

Close, Fant,was badly scratched. Ahome in Tonbridge Road, Fant,was bro-

ken into and several small items and cash were stolen. Agreen and grey Trek mountain bikewas

stolen from Tonbridge Road, Fant. A red Piaggio Zip scooter, registration GN0***, was stolen from Hever Gardens, Fant. A vehicle parked in Kingfisher Meadow,

Fant,was damaged. The windscreen of a vehicle parked in Woodford Road, Fant,was damaged. A blackBMW118D, registration AU10***,

was stolen from a car park in Sherbourne Drive, Fant. Items were taken from a car in Farleigh

Lane, Fant. A vehicle was taken from Lower Fant

Road, Fant. Awooden gatewas set alight by a burned-

out motorbike at a house in Tonbridge Road, Fant. Asilver PiaggioVespa scooter, registration GD15T**,was stolen from outside a property in Upper Fant Road, Fant.

wage. Cllr Doe proposed to continue with Dusters Cleaning Services, with all in favour. Pavilion maintenance Cllr Manser asked if the same kind of maintenance to remove weeds which had been arranged at the parish hall could be arranged for the pavilion. Itwas agreed for the clerk to contact the contractor for a quote.


Police report PCSO Doug Muir reported there had been interference with a vehicle and also nuisance with motorbikes alongsideWalnut TreeAvenue. He also spoke about known drug-dealing in the Pheasant Lane area. Itwas felt that the North Loose Residents’ Association may be able to help with this maer in view of the size of the area. He asked for members of the public to remain vigilant at all times. An incidentwas reported concerning ducks being aacked at Brooks Field Pond. The parish council voiced disgust and devastation that such cruelty could have taken place in Loose. Any similar incidents should be reported to the police on 999, rather than 101. The RSPCA had also been informed.A discussion took place about the option of installing CCTV alongside the Brooks and Brooks Field Pond, in view of identified cruelty to animals in this area in the past. Itwas agreed to contact Loose Amenities Association (LAA) to see if it would support CCTV or might have any other ideas. Parking Problems outside Loose school were mentioned. Theywere being monitored by the police. Borough report Boroughward Cllr Sue Griggs reported that 150 dog binswere to be removed around the borough. She had asked to be informed should any be considered for removal from Loose. Increased parking in the village, especially on both side of the road in Old Loose Hill, north end,was becoming a concern as it was felt large vehicles and, importantly,

emergency vehicles, would not be able to access the village. The parish council would write to KCC Cllr Eric Hotson to ask him to see if Kent Highways could do anything to alleviate the problem. Speed limits on A229 Cllrs Eric Hotson and Brian Clark had agreed to share the funding for works to begin. KCC Highways and Maidstone Council had agreed to reduce limits from 40mph to 30mph. Public questions An email from a resident had raised several issues, covering mainly the village green area. These included insufficient lier bins, lack of regular grass cuing, worsening parking issues. BT exchange An emailwas received regarding long grass outside the BT exchange on the A229. This maerwas brought forward last year and itwas understood that LAA had an agreement with BT and would be responsible for the area upkeep in return for erecting its village sign, It appeared the LAAwas now unable to do this because of underground cables and it was looking for another space. The deputy clerk would take this forward with BT. Rubbish Regarding unauthorised rubbish disposal by South EastWater at the King George V playing field,A CCTV recorded disk showing the vehicle had been submied to the company who would take the maer forward internally. The chairman thanked the deputy clerk for her hard work and perseverance with this maer. Footpath Complaints had been received about the poor state of the path between the rear of Copper Tree Court andWalnut Tree Lane. Detritus had been left on the footpath. Itwas suggested that KCC could put up a bollard to stop vehicles going down it. Memorial Thewar memorial in the closed cemeterywas to be listed. Further details were awaited from Historic England. New councillor Susan Luckhurstwas co- opted onto the parish council.

NeighbourhoodWatch Working to reduce crime. Call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or local police

Alocked bikewas taken from Hayle Road. Wooden fencing was damaged at a home

in Mote Road. A Kia Sportage was scratched in a shop-

ping centre inWater Lane. Money and bank cards were stolen in Fairmeadow. Vehicle body partswere stolen from a blue

Volvo S40 saloon, registration YS08***, in a car park in Campbell Road. A beige Toyota Auris saloon, registration GL56***,was damaged on the driveway of a home in Hayle Road. Avehicle parked in a car park in Medway

Streetwas scratched. A church was broken into in Knightrider

Street, but nothingwas taken. Therewas an attempt to break in to a shop

in Upper Stone Street but no access was gained, possibly because an alarm was acti- vated. A black Carrera bicycle was stolen from

Pads Hill, outside the multi-storey car park. A locked black and white mountain bike was stolen from a bike rack outside a bingo

hall in Gabriels Hill. A home in Tovil Roadwas broken into. Itemswere taken from a property in Bank

Street. A bicycle was taken from a property in

King Street. A green and blue Carrera bicycle was

stolen from the driveway of a home in Latter Road, Boughton Monchelsea. The wing mirror was damaged on a Toy-

ota RAV-4 while it was parked in Sutton Road, Park Wood. ABMWX5 parked on a driveway in Strat-

ford Drive, ParkWood,was broken into and several itemswere stolen.




Maidstone Town November 2016 43

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