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Invicta’sSamison themendathome

A TEENAGE runner whose body went into “shut down” 200 yards from the finish line in a competi- tion race is out of intensive care and back home. Invicta Grammar student Sam Bartholomew (18), was rushed to hospital after collapsing on the track during the 10k competition run in Gravesend on Au- gust 5. His parents were watching the race, and only re- alised their sonwas in difficulty after race officials raised the alarm. Dad Terry, of

Rectory Lane South, West Malling, said: “He gaveme the thumbs up as he entered his last lap, but then I saw those who were behind him cross the line and thought he’d slipped back, or itwas him the St John team were talking about. I jogged over and saw him lying on the track.” The seriousness of the incident be-

came clear as the family headed for Darent Valley Hospital, Dartford, where Sam’s wildly beating heart and erratic body temperature forced

doctors to put him into a coma. Mr Bartholomew said: “We are

now pleased to say that Sam is out of intensive care. He was released from King’s College Hospital after three weeks in a coma and is pro- gressingwell at home.” He believes the family’s return

from a holiday in America just two daysprior to the race, the heat on the day and dehydration combined cat- astrophically to prompt the condi- tion rhabdomyolysis, where the body breaks down muscles causing multiple organ failure. Sam, who previously attended Maidstone GrammarSchool, suffered failures of the heart, lungs and liver andwas on dialysis as he fought to pull through. His dad said: “His whole body

was affected. Fortunately, things are now moving in the right direction. The medical teams are looking at whether an infection brought about the reaction but it remains unclear. “Fortunately, Sam being young

and fit has helped and he is talking about returning to do his A levels and going on to university, although he may have to miss a year to re- cover fully.” Whispering DJ’s charity turn

COUNTRYwriter AlanCackett celebrated50 years in the music business with a fund-raiser in Maidstone forMacmillan Cancer Support. His guests at the Exchange Studio – part of the Hazlitt Theatre – included country signers and supporters, along with DJ “Whispering” Bob Harris and Roger ‘Twiggy’ Day. Alan, who contributed to nu-

merous music titles including Country Music People andRecord Mirror, launched his own country music magazine, Maverick, in June 2002. As well as his writing and pro- ductions skills, Alan also pro- moted concerts at theatres across Kent, including the Hazlitt. Dozens of friends gave their time to perform for the charity, including Gail

Davies, Kent band Rich Pickin’s; the Porridge Band and Jonny Young, to raise an impressive £1,745.80. Afterwards, Alan thanked those who had travelled many miles to share in

the celebration. But he reserved a special thank you to his family for their support and encouragementas he pursued his passion formusic through the years. Alan is pictured, on the right, herewith the star DJ.

Reward for return of lost pet

A DISTRAUGHT owner is offering a reward of £300 for the return of her beloved dog Bobby.

Elaine Bent-

ley last saw the 12-year-old miniatureYork- shire terrier playing in her garden in Mill

Street, East Malling on September 7. She said: “He is very small and friendly. I believe he was taken.We have searched everywhere but there has been no sign of him.” Mrs Bentley has reported the inci-

dent to the police and lost pet sites on social media. If you can help, please call her on 07743 982932 or 01732 490543


Maidstone November 2016

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