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September has arrived, and whilst we persuade ourselves that it is still summer, the shops have probably already rammed their shelves with Christmas merchandise. Te outdoor festival season draws to a close, Freshers Week shenanigans are finalised, and autumn tours are kicking off. Welcome to the fall, as they say across the pond.

Let's start with a fundraiser at Norwich Arts Centreon the1st for Under-1-Roof, a training and development centre for vulnerable adults. Expect to see the wonderful Ducking Punches, Matt Watson, Philip Steven Rowe,and appropriately-named house band Te Undies.

Tere's a new performance space opened on the river end of Oak Street. Te Shoe Factory Social Clubcan host anything from drama to film, poetry, and music. Check it out on the 2ndand 3rd when audio-visual collective [UNIT] take over for three multi-sensory immersive performances on each day.

Jack Cockerell, CJ Brown, Naomi Omuorehand acoustic duo Hot Raisin perform at Gonzo's on the 4th. I love this quirky oasis of a venue just off London Street, and the chance to hear some talented local musicians playing intimate sets. If you've never been, make this the month to pop your Gonzo cherry.

Legendary ska and reggae masters Toots and Te

Maytals, still fronted by founding vocalist and guitarist Frederick “Toots” Hibbert, visit theLCRon the 7th. I told you there were some big names coming this month. Do the Reggay.

Te Plasterershave a cracking evening on the 8th that features Te Revelation Brothers, Stromm, Maya Law,and Markus Michelucci.Or, if you want to rock out a little harder, check out Norwich favourites Tearawayat Te Brickmakerson the same night.

Edinburgh rockers Idlewild were one of my fave bands of the late nineties, so it will be a real pleasure to welcome Roddy Woomble & Bandto Openon the 15th, celebrating ten years since the release of his solo debut My Secret Is My Silence.

And guess who's flying into the LCR on the 23rd, my friends electric? Only Gary Numan,no less. Anyone who doesn't hold a valid Tubeway Army Oyster card will need to get into their cars and drive down the Earlham Road for that one.

48 / September 2016/

Te very next night (the 24th) sees Norwich's favourite adopted daughter Beth Ortonplay Te Waterfront.Beth was last in town in March helping judge the Next Big Ting Final at Open. Since then her new album Kidsticks has been released, a collaboration with Fuck Buttons' Andrew Hung that sees Beth's voice backed by a radical new sound. Unmissable. She might even spraypaint your cactus if you ask her nicely.

Te Owl Sanctuaryhosts Acid Temple Motherson the 25th, supported by local guitar and drums combo BK & Dad. Te prospect of hearing Kawabata Makoto and Leo Tornely compare and contrast psych guitar work from Osaka and Aberystwyth respectively already has my head well messed with anticipation.

A double bill from Psychostickand Green Jellyat the Waterfront Studioon the 26th will potentially be the most fun gig of the month. Psychostick are from Temple, Arizona, and label their guitar-rock style as 'humourcore'. Teir 2003 debut We Couldn't Tink Of A Title was followed up by the hugely more original Space Vampires vs Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D. I think you get the picture. And Green Jelly can get quite messy too. Teir biggest album, Cereal Killer, featured that infamous version of Tree Little Pigs. Pork-tastic.

It's a big welcome back to

Norwich on the27th at Te Bicycle Shopfor husband and wife (and new parents) Brookln and Ruth Decker, aka Rue Royale. I last saw them play as part of 2014's Norfolk and Norwich Festival, and if you enjoy their Fleetwood Mac meets John Martyn acoustic style, you'll almost certainly come away from this gig clutching a selection of their recordings, complete with hand-stitched covers and artwork.

Sundara Karmahave created quite a stir since headlining one of the BBC Radio 1 Academy evenings at Open last May. An album full of soaring melodies, and a clutch of festival appearances over the summer, seem to reinforce their Springsteen/Arcade Fire aspirations. Tey are at Te Waterfronton the 28th.

And, to end your September on the 30th, choose between a Tilting Sky night at OpenwithLee Gordon, Morganway, SJ Mortimer,and Te Turf Club Racebook,or head over to the Shoe Factory Social Clubfor Brighton based folksters Hatful of Rain,backed by local duo Flesh & Bones.

Tat's it then. Hope you survive Freshers Week and remember at least some of your antics. And remember, guys, once we're into October there's only another 74 shopping days to Christmas. Toodle- pip.


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