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THE NICE GUYS Out on DVD this month

Shane Black, the director and co-writer of Te Nice Guys, has a concrete reputation in Hollywood action/comedy blockbusters, stretching all the way back to 1997 when came to prominence as the writer of the hugely successful Lethal Weapon. Since then he’s penned genre classics like Te Last Boy Scout, Last Action Hero, and Te Long Kiss Goodnight; his 2005 directorial debut Kiss Kiss Bang Bang has become a cult classic of sorts (and rightly so); and 2013’s Iron Man 3, which he also wrote and directed, was OK I guess. Consequently, expectation was high for Te Nice Guys, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Black hasn’t strayed far from his tried- and-tested tongue-in-cheek unlikely- buddy shtick with Te Nice Guys. Russel Crowe (Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind,

punching reporters) and Ryan Gosling (Drive, Te Big Short, looking hot despite his face being way small for his head) are rival private detectives in 1970’s Hollywood who are forced together when they stumble upon a conspiracy involving the murders of adult film folks (it goes all the way to the topless. I’m here all week. Try the reveal.)

Te Nice Guys succeeds largely because of Black’s slick direction, tight noir-esque script, and inspired casting. Te leading men both show off their formidable comedy chops, with Gosling, who showed he could do funny in Te Big Short, and Crowe, who showed he could do

funny in Les Miserables, engaging throughout.

It’s not the most ground-breaking of films, and there’s not a lot here you haven’t seen before, but Te Nice Guys is a worthy addition to Black’s impressive CV. JAY FREEMAN

September FILM RELEASES 02 September Sausage PartyTis film looks puerile, stupid, and offensive. And funny, did I say funny? Seth Rogan voices an animated sausage who discovers a dark truth about life after the supermarket, and simultaneously makes jokes about ‘sliding into a nice warm bun’ or some such. If this idea a-peels to you, then bake your way to the cinema and… er… baps!

09 SeptemberCaptain FantasticHeart-warming indie comedy about family, belonging, and responsibility. Viggo Mortenson stars as the cabin dwelling dad who must bring his forest family out of the woods and into the real world following the death of their mother. Aesthetically beautiful and expertly acted, this is quirky gold dust.

15 SeptemberBlair WitchAh, the sequel to the movie in the woods that started a found footage fenom… phenomenon. Hang on - didn’t that already have a sequel? Yeah, I know it was shit, but you can’t just ignore that it happened; it was called Blair Witch 2, ffs. What’s that then - lost footage? Tis’ll be shit, anyway.

30 SeptemberSwiss Army ManPaul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe star in this strange and intriguing film about one man and his corpse who are stranded and suicidal on a desert island. Dead man’s boners and fart noises sadly bring what could be a beautiful piece of the bizarre down to a needlessly base level. Still worth a watch though. SMILEY

September DVD RELEASES 05 September Captain America: Civil WarA playboy billionaire wearing an unlikely exoskeleton goes head-to-head with an all-American hero in Batman vs. Superm… What? Tat was last month? Seriously? Fuck’s sake. OK then. Ironbat Man has a fight with Captain Superamerica man. Whatever.

12 September Bad Neighbors 2: Sorority RisingTe most remarkable thing about BN2 is that it took five people to write it, when it surely only takes one person to say “do the same as the first one but stick some girls in it.” A typical comedy sequel, which is to say bubbling shit.

19 September Labyrinth: 30th Anniversary EditionI could write 1000 words on the enduring and universal appeal of Jim Henson’s dark fairy tale without pausing to draw breath. It’s uniquely brilliant, and this bells-and-whistles re-release is a perfect opportunity to watch it again, or introduce it to a child you’d like to disturb. Te DVD extras feature an interview with David Bowie’s bulging genitals, tra la lah.

26 September Love and Friendship If you’ve never seen an elderly fat Jewish gentleman dressed as the God of Tunder being hoist into the air while fireworks emanate from the soles of his platform boots, then this is the concert film for you. Essential for Kiss fans (among whom I kinda class myself), otherwise, not so much. JAY FREEMAN

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