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August – respected and impressive, the only entire month without school or college. Te evenings may already be beginning to draw in there are still many balmy nights and terrace parties to enjoy before we need start thinking about Autumn wardrobes and making our own leaf mulch. So get out there and enjoy this hand- picked loving spoonful from the best of our Summer in the City.

Let's kick off the month with Bristol rockers Area 11 at the Waterfront Studioon the 1st.Te new album Modern Synthesis made the Top 30 on its release in July and now the band are touring to promote it. Support comes from 90's inspired emo-punks Milestones.

Apparently August is gonna be seriously hot. Mind you, that doesn't stop December Teoryheading up a bill at Te Plastererson the 4th that also includes Liam Jary, Kimberley Mooreand French Dog. Make mine a Pimms. Oh, and a pizza if you insist.

Remember to first check out the free 'after work' music and entertainment on Tursday evenings throughout the city centre as part of Norwich BID's 'Head Out, Not Home' programme. It continues throughout August with, for example, music on the 4th from Addison's Uncleand Keno Kings.

Legendary US punks Te Dickies play Te Owl Sanctuaryon the 5th.San Fernando Valley comes to Timber Hill. Do not miss.

Te Tilting Sky is putting on a massive event at Te Waterfronton the 6th, taking over all rooms with no less than eleven local bands – Tibetan Night Terrors, Te Tinking Men, Youth Kills It, Tokyo, Black Shuk, Montagues & Capulets, Marigolds, City Hands, Chapter of Wolves, Gentlemen,andDog Fight. I'll have to make sure me mam has tea ready early that night. It all kicks off at 5.30pm.

Another showcase of local acts that deserve your attention is theSonic Youths Birthday Party at Norwich Arts Centreon the 9th. Yes, I know that's a Tuesday – their shows are normally held on a Saturday lunchtime in the Café/Bar, but this is a special two- room takeover with five acts and perhaps some cake. And it is Pay-What- You-Can, so whilst everyone can afford to be there, no-one can afford to miss it.

Take a member each from Woodland Creatures, Murphy's Lore, and Dumbfoundus. Put them together into a country-folk trio. Mix well and serve at Eaton Park Café.Tere's

34 / August 2016/

plenty to go round. Get a taste of Alden, Patterson and Dashwoodon the Tasty.

August 12th sees another Odd Box gig atTe Murderers,with Eiyuze, Phoebe Troup’s new band Cuckoo and the Meadow Pipitsand the wondrous Sefo Kanutehheadlining.

And if that's not enough. Norfolk's latest indie-folk sensation Morganwayare also helping themselves to a slice of Parklife the following evening. At Eaton Park Café on the13th. It's in Eaton Park. By the bandstand. Ain't It Just.

Can I also mention my own local, Te Royal Oakin Poringland, who have also started regular live music on a Sunday. Check out Te Rum Dogson the 14th. Get down Shep.

We all love a bit of roots- reggae in the summer, chillin' in the shade and pretending that St Gregory's Green is really down-town Kingston. Well, imagine no more. Stroll a bit further down to Norwich Arts Centreon St Benedicts Street on the 18th.Tey've only gone and got Julian Marley(yes, the one with the famous wailing dad) to come and play tunes from his last three albums for you.

Gonzo'shave a great line up on the21stwith rising spoken-word star Luke Peter Foster, Jack Wylde, William Smith,and Te Broken Maps. It is at the top of London Street, in case your sat-nav has also broken.

For lovers of American roots music, Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys hit Norwich Arts Centreon the 22nd.25 years on, and still sounding great. Love Tat Man.

Savage Islandreturn to Openon the 27th, following their appearance in the Next Big Ting final. Support comes from Te See No Evils.Which reminds me. I nearly got knocked off my bike at a mini-roundabout last week. Must get one of those go-pro things for my helmet.

Te Brickmakers are celebrating the Bank Holiday Monday on the 26th with their tenth annual Brickfest,with all proceeds going to charity. 38 bands, 3 stages, and loads to eat and drink. Tis year, don't take your granny to Yarmouth. Take her to Brickfest instead.

And finally, what better way to end the month than at Te Bicycle Shopon the 31st for one of only two UK dates for gorgeous ghost pop duo Sea + Air.Eleni Zafiriadou and Daniel Benjamin rustle up a haunting blend of Greek and German flavours. Sausage moussaka for two, anybody?

So that's it. Here's hoping for that Indian Summer that will roast us right the way through until September, and we'll hopefully still be in our shorts and t-shirts for another month after that. Enjoy.

David Auckland

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