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WHAT’S NEXT? Catch BFR at Gonzo's every Sunday and Te Plasterers every Tursday.

Gonzo’s August 7th Ben Male, Hot Raisin, Richard Sutton August 14th Te Revelation Brothers, Robbie Hall, more TBA August 21st Jack Wylde, Te Broken Maps, Luke Peter Foster, William Smith

Te Plasterers Arms August 14th December Teory, Liam Jary, French Dog, Kimberley Moore August 11th Te Gillies, History & Lore, Fill Station, Terapists, Joiners August 18th Ginny Dix, Andrea King, Ellie Bea August 25th Aria’s Echo, more TBA

CONTACT? Facebook - barefeetrecords Twitter @barefeetrecords

witnessing their absolute joy when they make their debut at, dare I say it, a 'proper' venue! “

WHAT’S NEXT? Te Waterfront 6th August Tilting Sky return to Te Waterfront for an all rooms takeover with Te Tinking Men , Tibetan Night Terrors , Youth Killed It , Black Shuk , Tokyo , Montagues & Capulets , Marigolds , Chapter Of Wolves , City Hands , Gentlemen & Dog Fight plus a pop up club courtesy of Cabrakid.

CONTACT? Facebook - Craig Fraser Hill Twitter @tiltingcraig


ODD BOX WHO? Georgie Cox runs Odd Box. “I’ve always been obsessed with music - I’d probably call myself a music pusher, wanting people to listen to new or old music I’ve discovered to the point of probably annoying them. In 2014 I attended a party at Old School Studios. I saw Mega Emotion and was blown away - I didn’t realise that Norwich had such a great music scene. I was hooked. Currently the nights I put on are free entry gigs every second Friday of the month at Te Murderers.”


TILTING SKY WHO? Craig Hill runs several events and regular nights under Te Tilting Sky banner. “I started putting on shows over 10 years ago when my daughter, a 16 year old singer/songwriter & my son's band who were all 13 years of age were struggling to find suitable shows, so I decided to do it myself. My first shows were at Te Banham Barrel in deepest Norfolk.”

FAVOURITE ACTS? “Tere have been so many but I always get a kick out of putting young bands on for the very first time and

20 / August 2016/

FAVOURITE ACTS? Some of my favourites who’ve played an Odd Box gig have been Emily Winng, Sefo Kanuteh, Mat Rivière, Sink Ya Teeth, Host, Catnip & Claws, Daisy Vaughan and BK & Dad.

WHAT’S NEXT? Te Murderers August 12th Sefo Kanuteh Cuckoo and Te Meadow Pipits (Phoebe Troup’s new duo act) Eiyuze



SOFAR SOUNDS WHAT? Georgie also runs Sofar Sounds gigs in Norwich with a team of volunteers at

secret, intimate locations each month. Tey had our first show last month where Wooden Arms, Peach Club and Maya Law performed in a private living room for around 30 people. It’s a whole new concept in gigging.

WHAT’S NEXT? August 25th At a secret location west of the city.



SONIC YOUTHS WHAT? For local young musicians taking their first few steps into performing live, Norwich Arts Centre’s Sonic Youths – an exclusive initiative for 14-19 year olds making music of any genre – is the place to play. Regularly taking place on a Saturday afternoon in NAC’s café bar, the vibe is laidback, open-minded, warm and friendly with brilliant, varied noise, snacks and drinks a-flowing. Sonic Youths acts have been showcased at Latitude, Worstead Festival and the Lord Mayor’s Launch Pad. Emerging performers like Lobster, Peach Club, Midnight Zoo, Dog’s Dinner, Cabrakid, Maya Law and Luke Peter Foster – featuring HappyGhostUK, who’ve been playing all over the city and beyond for the last couple years made their start with and/or are taking bigger steps with Sonic Youths.

Nurturing, confidence-building and offering useful advice, Sonic Youths is a programme to develop young musicians, passionately run by NAC’s Annie Catwoman.

WHAT’S NEXT? Norwich Arts Centre Sonic Youth’s 2nd birthday August 9th With Jaztec, Midnight Zoo, Abigail Blake, Mullally and Sadie Nencini playing.


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