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hear so people are always going to get disappointed. So it’s nice to know that no one at all is going to be disappointed this time! Will having two days in each city mean you’ll be able to have a look around a bit more than you usually have time for? Yeah it means it will be a little bit more relaxing in the sense that you get to the show on

Sex, which is genius. Do you think you could set up a side project called that, and what sort of music would you make? We did release two songs under the name Club Sex. We remixed our own songs but didn’t know what to call it. It wasn’t electronic, it was chilled but it didn’t really sound like a dance remix so we named it Club Sex Mix. A

“We don’t want to wait 10 years to play our albums in full!”

the first day and you set up and get ready and once we’ve done that we can just leave all our gear at the venue and it will be ready for the next night. It means that we can just chill out and look around at the cities that we are going to be playing in, get some drinks, and it’s a little more chilled than having to pack up really quickly and running off the next day. You’ve been together for eight years now, but you’ve all known each other since high school. What did you sound like as a band when you first started out playing together? When we first got together we didn’t have a clue, which has kind of been the vibe since we’ve gone along really! Every time we write an album we mix up our sound and try to evolve into something different. I remember the first time we played I think we were doing our GCSE’s and playing at a Sixth Form charity night. I think we played one original song and five covers. We did covers of Bloodhound Gang, Deftones, Incubus and Busted! One of the first band names you came up with was Club

gave those albums meant to you when you chose them? Priorities felt right once we’d written the title track. It felt straight away like it was going to be the name of the album and the first song on the album and it was the first single from the album. Looking through the album as well there was a quite a lot of deliberating between the topics, prioritising yourself over other people or prioritising one thing over another - it just felt right because it just summed up the album. Once we’d made that it was quite obvious that should be the album title and it automatically felt like a more

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lot of people thought that there was this other group remixing our songs for us! Kind of like Enter Shikari’s Shikari Sound System? Yeah it’s kind of like that because they can sort of fit what they want to do electronically under that name. It all fits under that bracket. It’s a way of us doing anything we want as long as it has a different vibe to it. You’ve released two albums now, Priorities and Automatic. I wondered what the titles you

positive album and it felt like a lot of the songs without meaning to were about that mantra of just living your life and taking those opportunities when they come. the lyrically was also very straight to the point and was obvious what it meant and again just felt right Your latest album Automatic has quite a different vibe to it, less rock and more indie, with even a bit of an 80’s feel to it, I’d say, and the album cover suggests that as well. Does

this herald a change in direction for the band? I think it was definitely a big change for us. We wanted to make a mark with every one of our albums, to distinguish the album from the last one. For Automatic we brought in more of an 80’s style, and also the vibe of the bands we’d listened to growing up. It felt like a very summery party album which really works for us. It’s something we’ll take forward to our future. We’re a band that definitely want to make each album different to the last one and be constantly changing it and challenging ourselves musically. I think when we get to grips with the next album it’s going to be a completely different beat to the last one. Tat’s really exciting for your fans, to not quite know what to expect. Totally. I think that’s what all my own favourite bands did. We just started on our new album and we’re going to be playing a few songs from that on our tour. So what would you say has been your career highlight so far? Tat’s a tough one. I think probably getting to play some of the festivals over the years, you know playing the ones that you grew up with as a kid. Reading, Leeds and Download were really cool and getting to cap off the tour at Brixton Academy which is the venue that I went to the most growing up as a kid you know. I’d go down on the train from Tetford every couple months when one my favourite bands would come through so that would definitely be up there with one of the best ones.


Lizz Page / August 2016 / 13

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