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up cancelling that final week of the tour. How has he managed to get himself back to strength and playing live again? He shut down for almost three weeks and didn’t make a sound. He was communicating electronically, and that was really tough for him. He basically had the same thing that happened to Adele but obviously she was able to take a year off and still have Rolling In Te Deep playing on the radio. We didn’t have that luxury, we had to figure out coping methods. We took a little bit of time off and learned parts of our songs where maybe Stephan didn’t have to sing as much so the rest of us would sing more. He has multiple different specialised doctors so he’s being proactive.Tere are two ways you can deal with this, one is deal with the problem your own way or two, lay down and become an accountant. I know you’ve played like a billion gigs but is there one special one that you remember? Te day before our record came out in May we played a show in Toronto that was sold out, one of the bigger venues in the city with around 1,200 tickets sold. So that was amazing! Everyone was singing along, and it was a really really fun

atmosphere with our friends and family. We also played the O2 Brixton Academy supporting Te Hives - that was really amazing. And other one that really sticks out for me is a festival that we played in Tasmania - we played while the sun was setting over these mountains in front of a great crowd of people with just a really beautiful vibe. I was thinking I cannot believe I’m on a tiny island near an ocean on the other side of the world playing a festival! Is it hard to put your actual normal life on hold for those sort of things? Do you feel sad that you are missing out on normal home stuff or does the touring and the music mean more in a weird sort of way?

Yeah it’s a weird sort of balance. I would be lying if I said I weren’t sad to miss some of those things like weddings, you know, we miss our girlfriends very much. I try and have less divide between home life and tour life which means kind of scaling back the insanity of touring. I always say to people that touring is like a perpetual Tursday. On Tursday night you do one of two things. You either go out and think that you don’t have to worry about Friday too much OR on you make yourself a nice meal and watch TV so on tour that’s how it is basically every night! All or nothing. But it also depends how many friends we have where we play. If we have 10 friends come out then sure we may have a late night and a few drinks but we aren’t doing that ten nights in a row. Going on tour doesn’t mean I’m going to stop eating salad!


By Zac Allan

September 8th-11th TO BESTIVAL!


Bestival brings you the future of festivals now, with an incredible cast of musical pioneers, forward thinking funksters and

precognitive pop stars, including Te Cure, Major Lazer, Wiz Khalifa, Sean Paul, Hot Chip, Fatboy Slim, Bastille, Years & Years, Skepta, Katy B and many more.

With cosmic campfires, mindful escapism,

intergalactic raves and Mexican wrestling in a luminous dream world, journey into Bestival’s glamorous machine age, where everlasting

gobstoppers signal eternal bliss, this September 8-11, disembarking from Robin Hill on the Isle of Wight. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets is head to our website,

Tere are still plenty of treats to be revealed for Bestival, including the Sunday night main stage headliners and much more, so head to to keep up to date.

Isle of Wight / August 2016 / 17

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