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Serena Williams’ Critics Hate Her Because She’s Black, Beautiful & The Best

The abundance of racist tears could fill up a bathtub every time Serena Williams wins. BY BENÉ VIERA

The abundance of racist tears could fill up a bathtub every time Serena Wil-

liams wins. Like clockwork, the hate rolls in like a bustling tornado. Racially-coded de-

scriptors like “savage,” “arrogant” and “beastly” are used to describe her domi- nance. Her Black features are misogynistically called manly; her beauty likened to that of a gorilla.

We are only left to conclude that the critics are mad because she’s the G.O.A.T.

Mad that the girl from Compton, who used public tennis courts to hone her greatness, is better than their favorite. Mad because an unapologetically Black woman refuses to “humble herself,”

win after win. On Saturday, the tennis champion won the French Open title for the third

time. Williams won her 20th Grand Slam title by defeating opponent Lisa Safaro- va. The night before, she was too ill to get out of bed due to the flu. Winning while sick is a testament to her skill and dedication as an athlete. And still, she finds

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