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Oldest Person Record Holder Celebrates 116th Birthday this Month

BY LAINEY SIDELL Lawsuit > from page 1

ing North west Greensboro citizens interest. The present 5-3-1 district system was created to meet the requirements of the 1965 Voting Rights Act and by design as much as possible, maintains political clout and power in northwest Greensboro to the disadvantage of the majority of citizens in the city, Black and White. Why should a white voter in Councilmember Tony Wilkins majority White blue collar district have one councilmember representing southwest Greensboro on the city council and Councilmem- ber Nancy Hoffman majority white district in the northwest have four city councilmembers representing their interest on the city council ? The pres- ent system is patently unfair to the majority of citizens in Greensboro. The new eight council district system provide each voter with one council member to represent their interest regardless of where that person live in the city and is a much fairer system.

The supporters of maintaining the present 5-3-1 district system are

A very happy 116th birthday to our newly announced Oldest Person Living record title holder, Ms. Susannah Mushatt Jones from Brook- lyn, New York, USA. Here's adjudicator Kimberly meeting Susannah to present her certificate. When she was 106 years old, Susannah was still walking the streets of her neighbourhood as part of daily tenant patrols. She was congratulated for her efforts by the mayor of New York City. At the time she said: “I never drink or smoke. I surround myself with love and positive energy. That’s the key to long life and happiness.”

There’s a newest oldest person on the block (er, in the world). Susannah Mushatt Jones was deemed “Oldest Living Person” by Guinness

World Records today, on her 116th birthday. From Daily Intelligencer: Technically, she received the title when her predecessor died on June 17,

but it’s nice to have a round number. Unlike the vast majority of humans, Jones has lived in three different cen-

turies, having been born just five months after the end of the Spanish American War.

A resident of Brooklyn, she was honored by the New York Housing Au-

thority at the age of 106 due to her participation in community tenant patrols with a congratulatory tribute from Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Guinness World Records provided some biographical information: Susannah was born Susie Mushatt in Lowndes County, Alabama, to Mary

and Callie Mushatt. Her father was a sharecropper who picked cotton to support his wife and ten children. In 1922, Ms. Jones left Alabama for New Jersey before moving to New York City in 1923, finding employment as a live-in housekeeper and childcare provider.

Happy birthday, Susannah Mushatt Jones! Need help with

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motivated by racism and self-interest. The present sitting council members have the self-interest of protecting and holding on to the council seats they presently retain. The new system would jeopardize their security of remaining on council. Several would have to run against each other. They are complaining about this new dynamic and act as though they own the city council seats they presently hold. They act as if they have a right of ownership to the city council seats they presently hold rather than a privilege provided to them by the citizens and voters of Greensboro. May- or Nancy Vaughn has lead the effort to maintain the present system. Of course, she has a self interest, under the new system the Mayor has no vote other than to break a tie. Additionally, the Mayor will lose a power block and the advantage of having three council members living in her district and neighborhood. Mayor Vaughn northwest constituents have a vested interest because under the new pure eight seat district system they would lose the three At-Large seats they control on the council. They would have one council member representing their interest, the same as the majority of Greensboro citizens living in others parts of the city. There were over 200 citizens that attended a recent council meeting, most who opposed the new eight seat district system. 90% of those present were northwest Greensboro residents.

Racism is the unspoken, subtle factor that’s a part of the opposition

to the new plan. State Senator Trudy Wade crafted house bill 263 that give African Americans control of four of the eight seats on the Greensboro City Council. This is a major shift of political power from Greensboro’s northwest white citizens beyond their fair proportion in population for the last 30 years and diminishes their political power dominance. Mayor Vaughn, her northwest supporters and the major local majority print me- dia in opposition to the new plan have conducted a venomous, malicious character assassination campaign against Senator Wade for sponsoring and passing a redistricting plan into law that provide more fair and equal rep- resentation to African Americans in particular, and Greensboro citizens in general. Senator Wade, to her credit, has been low key, humble and dignified in her response to the personal attacks. Mayor Vaughn and the present city council should not spend Greensboro tax payer money to fight a redistricting plan that reflect much more fair and equal representation for all citizens than the present 5-3-1 system.

Walker On Charleston > from page 2 Yet, we have seen this symbolism corrupted by racist groups and

evildoers, such as the gunman in Charleston. Though unintended by most of us, this flag also serves as a painful reminder of racism and oppression to many of our brothers and sisters. I can no longer ignore the collateral damage caused by this symbol.

Before wearing the label “Conservative” or “Republican,” I am a

Christ-follower with a higher calling to show compassion. Therefore, if sacrificing a small portion of my heritage allows me to better serve my fel- low man, am I not called to do so?

I have reached the place where I believe that the Confederate battle

flag no longer belongs in a place of distinction on government property. However, those that incorporate this flag into private usage, personal set- tings, museums and other historical landmarks, should have the opportu- nity to do so. The government has no right to limit this freedom of speech and tradition.

For me, I am reminded of the words of the Apostle Paul: “To him

that knows to do the right thing and does not do it, it is sin.” Taking down the flag from government property is a good thing. In my opinion, it is the right thing.

In the prophetic words of Pastor Clementa Pinckney, “It is really

what America is all about… and that’s what church is all about. Freedom to worship and freedom from sin and freedom to be full with what God intends us to be and have a quality in the sight of God. And sometimes you’ve got to make noise to do that. Sometimes, you may even have to die… to do that.”

These dear families in Charleston are not politicians, community of-

ficials, or self-appointed leaders. Rather, they are everyday people dis- playing a supernatural grace that can only come from one’s faith.

I pray that we can do our part as well.”

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