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Deinking line for Nepa in India will improve brightness


ndian newsprint producer Nepa has ordered a complete deinking line from Andritz for its

Madhya Pradesh mill with start up scheduled for mid-2016. Nepa is one of the leading

newsprint producers in India with two paper machines having a combined annual capacity of around 88,000 tons. It produces standard and economy quality newsprint and will expand its product offerings to writing and printing paper grades after installation of the deinking system. Deinking line capacity will be 300 tons per day, processing old newsprint and old magazine grades, sorted office paper, mixed office waste, and coated

Pulp Paper & Logistics

book stock. The state-of-the-art

deinking plant is designed for

environmentally friendly and cost-effective operations and will enable Nepa to produce

New pope reel improves tissue line at Kimberly-Clark Romagnano

A pope reel installed in Kimberly- Clark’s tissue machine at its Romagnano Sesia mill in Italy by A.Celli Paper is reported to have met all of its production expectations.

The replacement of the pope

reel in 2014 is said to have immediately provided positive process improvements in paper turn-up efficiency and winding consistency and consequently a

better-finished product. The Kimberly-Clark mill at

Romagnano Sesia, in Novara, founded in 1973, is one of the most important facilities in Europe for tissue production, producing Scottex and Kleenex brands, and employs 300. “We are very pleased,” said the

Romagnano management. “A.Celli was an optimal choice. Together, we developed the project since the very beginning and perfected it step after step. We scheduled tests at A.Celli’s Lucca plant and only after these in-depth trials was the pope reel shipped for installation at Romagnano Sesia. “Our satisfaction was further confirmed by the strict respect

May/June 2015

consistent paper quality with higher brightness paper grades to meet customer expectations.

of the amount of machine downtime imposed by us as well as expertise with which the A.Celli team has performed this delicate and complicated rebuild, in complete agreement with the stringent safety criteria adopted by the K-C Group.” The Italian market is considered

strategic for Kimberly-Clark, which in 2001 invested in a new plant using proprietary technology for the production of the new Scottex brand toilet paper, which improved its bulk and softness. In Italy, Kimberly- Clark also produces Scottonelle (toilet rolls) and Huggies (baby diapers. A.Celli Paper is based in Lucca and offers a range of process equipment and systems for complete turnkey plants from stock preparation to roll handling and packaging.

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