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Pulp Paper & Logistics

Infinity press felts are at the beginning of their product cycle

manager Mark Lacasse says he sees a great future for the Infinity line of products. Key to Infinity is its high number


of contact points in the base structure, which ensures that the pressure distribution is improved during pressing. This, says Voith, improves the smoothness of the paper and increases the dry solids content after the press, providing better paper quality and reducing energy consumption. Says Lacasse: “We are at the

very beginning of the product life cycle with Infinity. We have gained a lot of experience meeting customers’ needs with this new product. We are pleased

or alternatively, a higher void volume capacity. The high dewatering capacity

with these results, and will build on this experience to expand this product line to satisfy the demands of the press fabric market.” The Infinity family is a concept

using different base modules to tailor dewatering performance to customer needs. The additional modules are built in to the design where, for example, faster saturation is needed,

Press sleeve that adapts to paper grades and machines

A new product portfolio for a press sleeve that adapts to the specific paper grades and requirements of individual paper machines has been launched by Voith. QualiFlex Crest is said to excel with its material properties and reliable performance – with regard to service life as well as to dewatering capacity while QualiFlex Crown goes further and achieves maximum performance in severe conditions. The QualiFlex product range includes press sleeves for pulp, tissue, board, packaging and graphic paper grades. For each

May/June 2015

paper grade, customers can select from both product lines according to their operating needs.

The newly-developed press sleeves

are said to play an important role in optimising the press efficiency,

of Infinity felts is due to their base fabric, which has a laminate structure that is responsible for its outstanding elasticity. Also part of the Infinity line is

Advance, a press felt that has an additional top base designed to increase dewatering capacity, especially for heavier or quality critical board grades.

as the material properties of Crest and Crown have been specifically customized to suit the requirements of each application. In addition, the wide range of void volume patterns contribute to better dewatering. More information from Voith at

s Voith prepares to deliver its 1,000th order for an Infinity press felt, product

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