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THE STATE OF MAINE'S BOATING NEWSPAPER Volume 28 Issue 2 February 2015


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Maine Coastal News FREE New TUNA.COM Under Construction at SW Boatworks

The new TUNA.COM, a Calvin Beal 44, is under construction at S. W. Boatworks in Lamoine and is scheduled to be launched early this spring.

LAMOINE – In the last year there has been some notable new boats built on the coast of Maine. One presently under construction that will rival any of these is TUNA.COM. For those that follow the television show “Wicked Tuna” on Nat Geo they know that this is the name of Capt. Dave Carraro’s boat. The one he had been using was sold the end of last season and he went looking for a replace- ment. His search took him to a number of builders on the Maine coast and he ended his search at S. W. Boatworks in Lamoine. Dave explained, “I knew I wanted a Downeast boat. I have owned two before, a 31 JC and a 38 Duffy, and Maine is the home of Downeast boat so that was my starting point. Then I asked several other friends that had Downeast boats where I should get it built, who is a very reputable builder and they all steered me towards Stewart.”

His previous boat, the one you have seen the last three years on the show, was a 38 Duffy. He added, “My friend T. J. owned it from Long Island, New York. So it was always in Cape Cod during the fall season when the tuna run there and we fi shed side-by-side a lot. I had been on the boat a few times, not necessarily fi shing on it, but that was the boat that I wanted. The wheelhouse was moved forward, it

had a very big cockpit and perfect for tuna fi shing. Most of the time is spent outside, not in the cabin and we needed that deck space. I said, ‘T. J. I know the boat is not for sale, but when you want to sell it I will buy it.’ A couple of years later he said, ‘Do you want my boat?’ and I said, ‘Absolutely.’

Dave bought the boat fi ve years ago. He added, “I did like the boat. It had its idiosyncrasies as does every boat. It rocked and rolled a little bit, it did a lot of swinging which made fi shing diffi cult, but overall we caught a lot of fi sh on it. I knew when I was in the market for an- other boat I wanted a boat that had good lateral stability and I knew one way of getting that was getting a wider boat. I also wanted a boat a little bigger. We con- sidered a Young Brothers, another Duffy, a 42, a Lowell 43, a Mussel Ridge, and they were all good choices, but not really what we were looking for. We wanted that width and there is really only two places that we can get that width and that is the Calvin Beal or the Wesmac. We chose the Calvin Beal 44. This boat is very stable, the cabin is a lot bigger, the cockpit is a lot bigger and even though it is bigger than my old boat that I just sold, the fuel effi - ciency is going to be very comparable.” The boat was laid up last spring and

Captains Dave Carraro, Stewart Workman and Sandro Maniaci.

they moved her into the fi nish shop in August with a completion date of early Spring. Dave was not concerned with the accommodations down below, because most of the time is spent either in the shel- ter or out in the cockpit. Down below with be a berth, head and shower and hanging lockers. Up in the shelter Dave said, “The big part for us is how we’re going to have the console laid out with the electronics. It has got to be user-friendly. Across from

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the captain’s helm chair, we’re going to have a bench seat where two people can sit comfortably. Behind that we’re going to have bench seating, which is going to run down the port side of the boat, and down the aft end of the winter back. We will have an insert that we can put in there and make it into a nice big bed that will sleep three people comfortably. On

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