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Site opening Representatives of the parish councilwere invited to the formal opening of the Coldharbour traveller/gypsy site in recognition of the donation for children’s play equipment. Eccles Kent Highway Serviceswas still investigating flooding issues at Mackenders Lane. Double yellow lines at the lower end of Bull Lanewould be installed in August, which should alleviate football parking issues. Crossing Kent Highway Services had stated that a requested zebra crossing in Bull Lanewould not gain priority funding at this time as the sitewas not recognised as a safety problem. Old Bridge lighting project Gala Lighting was researching an appropriate style of lights. When a suitable one had been identified by Gala and approved by the parish council, a detailed schemewould be forwarded to English Heritage for approval. Speed bumps Reduction in the effectiveness of Rochester Road speed bumps since the resurfacing had been reported to Kent Highway Services. Parking Enforcement of parking restrictions and prevention of HGVs travelling throughAylesford village centre had been requested from Tonbridge and Malling Council and the police but manpower availability in both organisationswould affect their aendance. This also related to parking in Bull Lane by trespassers swimming in the quarry lake. Allotments There had been a number of complaints about a rabbit invasion at Aylesford allotments. Enquiries had been made about ferreting but this could not be done until September. Itwas agreed that shooting and gassingwere not appropriate control methods on council allotment land.


Crime PCSO Laura Bullen advised there had been three recent incidents at an address at Bull Lane.Aresident had reported that personal property had been stolen from a house in Holly Hill. War memorialWork had been due to start in June. Church David Snow had been asked to cut the grass in the churchyard until October. Routine maintenance of the church clock had been deferred due to problems with the contractor’s van. Public Clocks had now carried out the maintenance but the clock had subsequently stoppedworking. Footpath Tonbridge and Malling Council had advised that the footpath opposite the churchwas on land owned by Birling Estate.Wrights Fencing had quoted £190 plus VAT to extend the handrail (£105 less than previous quote) and £360 plus VAT for steps (£228 less). The firmwould be asked to carry out thework once Birling Estate had confirmed it had no objections. Open forum The first flower festival commiee meeting had taken place and the commieewould like to know if the parish councilwould take over the running, manning and supply of plants for the plant stall. Volunteers to man the produce stall were also being sought so that the commiee could focus on the festival itself. Printer The parish councilwould fund the £60 cost of a replacement for the clerk’s

42 Malling July 2014 broken printer.

East Peckham Nuisance There had been more complaints of nuisance behaviour around the Jubilee Hall. PCSOs had increased their patrols in this area in the evenings and spoken to a number of local young people. Chicanes Two residents had expressed reservations about the proposed alterations to the traffic chicane at The Harp pub and had suggested that engineers “went back to the drawing board”. Annual meeting This had been a great success, with 21 feedback forms received from about 50 aendees. All respondees were supportive of the new informality of the event. Finger posts The metal fingerpostwas due to be refurbished at Chidley Cross in June. The space around the redundant sign had been cleared and the post had been removed at a cost of £60 plus VAT. Snooker The street snookerworkshop would take place on August 6 at 1.30pm. Picnic benches These had been vandalised at least twice within twoweeks. The repairs following the first incident cost £25 and an order had been passed to Mr Edwards for the second repair. Policewere examining CCTV footage. Recycling Tonbridge and Malling Council had not found an alternative site for the recycling banks that had been removed from The Harp pub and put into storage. BinsAcomplaint had been made to the borough council about overflowing lier bins on the playing field. The council would again be asked to reinstate the dog bin that had been removed from the fields. Lier Lier at the Jubilee Hall car parkwas a problem. The janitorial team had been asked to increase lier picking in the area. Maintenance Tonbridge and Malling Council had dealt with an odour emanating from a sewerage blockage in the men’s toilet. Staffwould be returning to do some additional routine maintenance.

Kings Hill

Co-option Cllr Alexander Boardwas co-opted to fill the vacancy on the council. Phase 3 response The final responsewas submied to Tonbridge and Malling Council before the deadline and a link was on the front page of the parishwebsite. Crime reports No proactive action appeared to be being taken to address the growing number of nuisance issues in Kings Hill.Ameeting with the new inspector for the areawas being arranged. There appeared to be a discrepancy between the reported crimes through e-watch and the list supplied by the PCSO. Kent Street KCC Cllr Mahew Balfour reported delays to the plans for the Kent Street improvements due to land ownership issues.Aquery was raised about pothole repairs. KCC had received additional funding and a programme of workswould be put in place. New school Therewere no objections to the planning application for the new primary school at Kings Hill.


Policing Michael Carrano introduced himself as the new PCSO for Leybourne,

West Malling andWateringbury. Crime reported in the past month included an aempted burglary in Teddington Drive; the of a vehicle wing mirror in Bridgewater Place; thes inWoodlea Close (phone), Leybourne Grange (cable), telephone kiosk (cashbox) and on the A228 (tyres from HGV). Other incidentswere a disturbance at the Premier Inn, drugs paraphernalia/legal highs handed to the parish clerk, and noise nuisance at Lile Market Row (nuisance youths and skateboarding). Therewas also concern about an elderly resident paying to have her drive cleaned. Residents should be vigilant when approached for thiswork and agree a price before it starts. Borough reportWard Cllr Brian Lukerwas aware of overgrown vegetation in Leybourne and agreed itwas difficult for owners to take responsibility. LeyARAAdonation of £250 to LeyARAfor new equipmentwas agreed. Gardening Members agreed to purchase gardening equipment for the village hall for £150 so staff can maintain green areas. Lier pickA£150 donationwas to be given to the Scout group for its lier pick in July. MemorialAmaximum of £5,300was set for cleaning thewar memorial and for names to be added to mark 100 years since WorldWar I began. Thiswould only be used if the loery grant was unsuccessful. Footpath Concernwas raised over the path from Harvest Ridge to the Old Rectory. NoiseAresident had complained about the noise from a party at the village hall, and about unacceptable noise and behaviour outside the hall and in the car parks when the youth club meets on Friday evenings. The new PCSOwould monitor this and talk to the youth club leaders. Further discussionwas needed about the youth club and acceptable outdoor areas where youths could use skateboards. The multi- use games area could not be used as wheelswere not allowed. Meeting Cllr Martin Abbotson asked if the meeting had beenwell publicised for residents of Leybourne Chase because nonewere present from that area. Itwas noted itwas advertised by TaylorWimpey on Twier and the agenda had been placed on notice boards and the parishwebsite.


A228 The A228was to be closed for a day for resurfacing with an anti-skid surface. The clerkwas asked to contact KCC to request a quieter anti-skid surface. Crime Three crimes had been reported in the past month – the from a vehicle, the of a vehicle and burglary. Hedge The overgrown hedge at the junction of Beaufighter Road and Beech Roadwould be reported to KCC. Parking Driverswere parking dangerously at road junctions. Flyerswould be prepared on behalf of the parish council, asking drivers to park considerately. Audit The internal audit raised no issues. Allotments As therewas awaiting list, Falmouth Estateswould be asked if it would allow some of its land opposite the site for more allotment plots. Fencing Fencing had been repaired by Ray Berwick but renewal might have to be considered in the future. Churchyard The grass had been cut with a rotary mower, which it was hopedwould

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