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Where I live... West Malling Parish Council

These notes are from the West Malling Parish Council meetings held in May and June. The annual general meeting (AGM) was also convened for May 12, so this was followed by the monthly parish council meeting. At the AGM, the chairman and committee chairmen were re-elected and councillors received brief summaries of the parish council’s activities and achievements over the last 12 months. The meeting continued as the first of the 2014/15 cycle of full council monthly meetings. The vice-chairman was re- elected as were the Macey’s Meadow tree wardens. It was proposed that current representatives for many of the existing groups would remain unchanged although this would, of course, be confirmed with them. The current committees are:

Amenities This committee has a wide sphere of activity as it covers the management of the parish’s allotments and also the churchyard at St Mary the Virgin as well as play areas and green spaces in the parish.

Finance and general purpose The members of this committee are the chairmen from committees. They meet to discuss financial items as well as overseeing the budget and expenditure and income of the parish council.

Highways, transportation and street lighting This is the committee that administers the parish street lighting (generally the ornate lamp standards and wall-mounted lights) as well as receiving and responding to KCC Highways proposals that affect West Malling. It also takes an active part in reviewing the schemes put forward by Tonbridge and Malling Council (and is currently asking searching questions on the parking review).

Planning This is a very busy committee. It reviews and comments on all the planning applications received by Tonbridge and Malling Council that have immediate impact on the parish, including any submitted by neighbouring parishes and Kent County Council.

Macey’s Meadow advisory This committee has a slightly different remit. It was formed to manage Macey’s Meadow and while the committee members and work volunteers are

actively involved with the various projects and activities centred on the meadow, all financial details are approved at the monthly full council meetings.

And briefly:

West Malling Village Hall Committee reported that it is applying for Level 2 Hallmark status. This focuses on health, safety, security and licences at the hall and is the second step towards gaining validation to a nationally-recognised standard.

Noise and nuisance Councillors have noted an increase in complaints about noise from several

of the pubs and restaurants in the High Street and Swan Street. These have been forwarded to Tonbridge and Malling Council’s licensing and environmental health departments. Councillors also noted complaints about the footpaths being blocked by chairs and tables and an increasing number of badly-sited pavement advertising boards. These incidents have also been reported.


Trudy Dean, Malling Action Partnership Chairman E: T: 01732 843 119

Citizens Advice Bureau – T: 01732 440488

Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council main switchboard – T: 01732 844522

Travel Enquiries

Trains – T: 08457 484950

Nu-Venture Buses – T: 01622 882288

Arriva Buses – T: 0871 200 22 33

Pothole reporting – T: 08458 247800

Police - non-emergency T: 101

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