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AHANGING basket and plantswere stolen from the garden of a property in Chapel Road, Snodland. Roof tileswere damaged on an office building on a business park in Red Hill, Wateringbury. The windscreenwas damaged on a

vehicle in Amisse Drive, Snodland. ASony laptop was stolen from a property inOamRoad,West Malling. Avanwas broken into at a property in

Coxs Close, Snodland, and a number of toolswere taken. The post boxeswere broken into in a

block of flats in Teddington Drive,West Malling, but it was not known whether any postwas taken. ASuzuki Altowas stolen from Poynder

Drive, Snodland. There is possible CCTV evidence. The window of a garage of a property in

St Leonard’s Street,West Malling, was damaged, but nothing was taken. Mobile phones, cash and credit cards

were taken in a burglary in Townsend Road, Snodland.AFord Focus, registration GJ63 LCL, which had been adapted for a disabled driver,was also taken using keys stolen from the house. Achainsaw and leaf blowerwere stolen

from the garage of a property in St Leonard’s Street,West Malling. The glass in the side mirror of a car on

the drive of a property in Bridgewater Place, Leybourne,was carefully removed and taken. Ashed lockwas damaged at a property

in St Leonard’s Street,West Malling, but nothing was taken. Recording equipmentwas stolen from a

home in Smithers Lane, East Peckham. Therewas a burglary at a property off London Road,West Malling, that was being refurbished. CCTV evidencewas being looked at. An Apple Iphone and CDswere stolen

from a VWGolf inWaterside Quay, Aylesford. Acar parked on the driveway of a property in Carnation Crescent, East Malling,was damaged.

NeighbourhoodWatch Working to reduce crime. Call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or local police Atax disc with the registration number

SA04 CXFwas stolen from a vehicle in Station Road, Aylesford. Achild’s mini motowas stolen from an outbuilding of a home in Dickens Drive, West Malling. ATVwas taken from the drive of a property in Heathcote Close, Aylesford. Awindowwas smashed at a property in Jasmine Close, East Malling. Asilver Aprila motorcycle, registration

N623 DUK,was taken from Hawkes Road, Aylesford. An orange Kubota tractor, registration

Q730 RKE,was stolen from a farm off Ford Lane, Troiscliffe. Several vehicles parked in Station Road,

Aylesford,were found to be damaged aer boyswere seen throwing stones in the area. Garden ornamentswere damaged at a property in Carnation Crescent, East Malling. Number plateswere stolen from two

vehicles parked in Branbridges Road, East Peckham. Acast ironweather vanewas stolen from

a garden of a property in Darcy Court, West Malling. Afencewas damaged at a property in Carnation Crescent, East Malling. An outbuilding in Bullen Lane, East Peckham,was entered and power tools were taken. Ayard inWater Lane,West Peckham,

was broken into but it contained nothing of value so nothing was taken. Abenchwas damaged at a recreation ground in Pippin Road, East Peckham. Acar parked in TomJoyce Close, Snodland,was damaged, denting its windscreen pillar. Acement mixerwas taken from a secure

area of the community centre car park in Paddlesworth Road, Snodland. Astable yard in Swanton Road,West

Sports cars wrecked in blaze TWOsports carswere destroyed in a fire that reduced two cabins to a pile of ash in East Malling. Firefighters used breathing apparatus to battle the blaze, which also set

light to a lean-to shed inWateringbury Road. It is believed a bonfire nearby caused the fire on Thursday, July 3. Four fire engines were on the scene for an hour-and-a-half.

Dog ban at lakes denied

THE borough council has denied banning dogs from swimming in the lakes at Leybourne country park.

Fears had been expressed by

some owners after parts of the riverbank were fenced off and ad- visory signs began to appear around the site. But Darren Lanes, head of leisure services at Tonbridge and Malling Council, said: “There is not a ban on dogs entering the water at Leybourne Lakes Country Park.

“There are permanent signs at 34 Malling July 2014

both the council's country parks advising the public of issues relat- ing to dogs entering the lakes, in- cluding issues such as bank erosion, disturbance to wildlife, and potential health hazards for dogs.” He said the signs were there so

dog owners could make informed decisions about whether or not to allow their dogs to swim in the water. Mr Lanes said: “The signs are advisory and do not ban owners from allowing their dogs to enter the lakes.”

Peckham,was broken into and items including a petrol generator, animal feed and gardening equipment,were stolen. Cashwas stolen from a car in Roman

Road, Snodland. Nothing was taken in a burglary at an outbuilding off Hamptons Road, Hadlow. All four tyreswere damaged on a car in

Pout Road, Snodland. Wine and beerwas stolen from a garage

at a property in Cygnet Close, Larkfield. Agreen Kia Pride, registration N502 ESP,

was stolen from Edwards Close, Snodland. Afencewas damaged at a property in

Baywell, Leybourne. Ablue and white Yamaha motorcycle, registration LF12 ZHC,was taken from a parking area behind Linni Road, Snodland. Tools including a saw and drillwere

stolen from a shed at a property in Hawley Drive,West Malling. Gardening equipment and toolswere

taken from the garage of a property in London Road, Larkfield. Two pairs of sunglasseswere stolen from

a vehicle on the drive of a property in Poynder Drive, Snodland. One pairwas later recovered. Policewere looking for three men seen in the area. Astrimmerwas stolen from a shed of a property off London Road, Leybourne. Agrey Yamaha motorcycle, registration

KEO5 OVN, was taken from Malling Road, Snodland.



+VAT Girl’s aacker is jailed

A MAN from Kings Hill who fractured a young woman’s eye socket in an unprovoked attack has been jailed for three years. The victim, an 18-year-old

from Tunbridge Wells, was at The Wharf in Tonbridge. As she went to find her two friends in the smoking area she was punched on the right side of her face. The blow knocked her to the floor and she briefly lost consciousness. The offender was Darren Sel- wood (30), of LangleyWay, who

had been seen earlier in the evening by door staff arguing with another woman. He was jailed at Maidstone Crown Court after admitting grievous bodily harm. Detective Constable Graham

Hunt, from Kent Police, said: “This appears to have been a completely unprovoked assault by a man who stands at nearly six foot tall against a young lady of small stature. His actions left her with fractures to her eye socket and cheekbone.”

Barbecue blaze Garden group

AN AUDI car parked outside a house in BraeburnWay, Kings Hill, was damaged by fire after a dispos- able barbecuewas put in a bin. The barbecuewas still hot and set fire to the bin, which spread to the car.

EAST Peckham Gardeners Associ- ation has been forced to close after no-one came forward to help run it. Members agreed that the group could not continue unless the key committee positions could be filled.

Crime Reports

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