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Hampshire mi litary man gets a helping hand from

Impey Cares

wetroomdonatedby ImpeyCares.Karlwas selectedtowin thewetroomfromhundreds of applications fromacross the UK

A 51-year-old Karl and his wife of 18 years, Hazel,

applied for a Disabled Facilities Grant to have their bathroomadapted but were turned down because Hazel works full-time and Karl receives amilitary pension. But Karl said: “Not able to work and living off of a war pension there’s nothing left over at the end of each month – we’re often robbing Peter to pay Paul tomake sure costs are covered. There’s no way we could afford something like a wetroomso we’re so grateful to Impey Cares for what they have done.” Karl Britton fromHorndean in

Hampshire has served in conflicts around the world including The Falklands, Bosnia, and the Gulf, but received his most serious and debilitating injuries on home territory after suffering a fall whilst working in a warehouse in London. The injuries inflicted on the trained marksman caused permanent damage to his knees, which led to himbeingmedically discharged fromthe navy where he had served since being a teenager. Since the accident in June 1999 Karl has lived in constant pain and has to deal with restrictedmobility which has affected his ability to carry out everyday tasks. Determined not to let his injuries beat him, he

pursued a new career as a support worker for people living withmental health issues, but in July 2012 was forced to stand down fromthe position after being diagnosed with degenerative osteoarthritis in both legs. But now Karl is reaping the benefits of a new £5000

level access shower provided by leading wetroom suppliers Impey Showers and leading UK disabled

leadingSeaman in theRoyalNavy leftdisabled following an accidentwhilst serving on-shore has had thedaily struggle ofbathing easedthanks to a

bathroomcontractors, Euro Contracts as part of its Impey Cares initiative. Karl said his new wetroomhasmade a huge

difference to his life. “I cannot believe I have won this amazing wetroomfromImpey Showers. Before I had a wetroom, showering was incredibly difficult forme. I can now showermyself and have finally gotmy independence back, something I never thought would happen.” NeilWhitehead, fromImpey Showers, said: “We’re

thrilled with the difference the new wetroomis making to Karl’s life – aman who has served his country with such dedication. Independent living is a basic human right, and we look forward to helpingmore people experience the life-changing difference a wetroomcan bring.” The Impey Cares scheme was

set up in 2012 to represent the interests of those withmobility problems including vulnerable, disabled and elderly people, and to raise awareness of their increasingly difficult situation following the government’s austeritymeasures which have resulted in funding cuts. Impey Cares offers wetroom

adaptations to those who have been refused funding fromthe local authority through a Disabled Facilities Grant.

At the same time, the company hopes the scheme

and its Impey Charter – which is calling for everyone to have access to suitable facilities to enable independent living – will raise awareness of the huge number of people Impey has discovered who are living without adequate wetroomequipment. The new suite includes products such as: Freedom

air assisted shower doors, a white Slimfold shower seat, 1500 x 800 Level-Dec EasyFit, aMira Select Shower and Maxi Grip hand rails. Visit to apply for a free

wetroom. Follow the Impey Cares campaign online: Send us a tweet @impeycares; ‘Like’ us on; and visit to watch video interviews with those who have received a wetroom adaptation, to nominate someone in need and to sign the Impey Cares Charter.

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