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How often do you come across a window, door or curtain that you cannot open or close?


HINGS COULD BE made easier with the aid of a little technology to assist independence.

Ridley Electronics Limited have for over 30

years had experience of assisting in overcoming many of these problems. They concentrate on providing equipment to automate or adapt a house or workplace to suit the user’s needs. Ridley Electronics Limited design and

manufacture Access, Environmental Control and Communications Equipment for anyone who needs remote control over their environment, particularly people who are less able. Ridley Electronics have now included some of

there newer products on their website, which covers most of their standard equipment such as Door Openers, Door Latch Release Systems, Window Openers, Curtain Pullers, and many types of alarm systems. Whilst most people might choose to use their

hands to control functions, Ridley Electronics Ltd can offer many other methods, and are happy to carry out assessments to enable the user to see, feel and try for themselves methods that suit the user and their environment, and where necessary design the control to cater for their need. Think of how many kitchen windows that

anyone in a house might have difficulty opening, let alone from a wheelchair, or when using a walking frame. Door Openers make the world of difference to

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Manufacturer of Equipment for People with Disabilities

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Access Controls Door Openers Door Latch Release Systems

of Equipment for People with Disabilities Website:


Envi onmental Controlstrols

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Environmental Controls

Communications Hands Free Intercoms Ridley Call Systems Radio Frequency Distress Alarms Roving Alarms Epilepsy Alarms

Window Openers Curtain Puller

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Access Controls Door Openers,

Communications Rad o Frequen Rov ng A ar

Communicat Tel: 01722 717 878 Email: Tel: 01722 717 878 28 Tel: 01722 717 878

Stable Environment, Chilmark Manor Farm, Chilmark, Nr. Salisbury, Wiltshire SP3 5AF Email:

Tel: 020 8558 7112 Email: Email: unications ns

Telephone Door Latch Release Systems

Radio Frequency Distress Alarms Roving Alarms, Epilepsy Alarms, DECT Monitors

diio Frequency Distress A ar viing Alarms


Stable Environment, Chilmark Manor Farm, Chilmark, Nr. Salisbury, Wiltshire SP3 5AF

RIDLEY ELECTRONICS LIMITED 66a Capworth Street, Leyton, London E10 7HA

s, DECT Moni

Environmental Controls Remote 13 Amp Switches Curtain Pullers Window Openers

Te phone ems

Telephone Door Latatch Relelease Systystem

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Access Cont ol or

cess Controls Door Openers

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someone otherwise reliant on someone opening their front door, it can restore their independence; even being able to let their carer in after verifying who is at the door using a cordless phone, gives you control of your own home. If you require assistance from someone within

your home or even further afield Ridley Electronics Limited have a range of alarms, whether it be for someone static or mobile, at night or day, or with a form of dementia. .

Ridley Electronics Ltd will send you a free

copy of their product guide on request, and more specific data sheets on any of their products. They are always happy to talk over a persons specific need. Alternatively their website is Please contact them if you would like to

receive a Free catalogue. Ridley Electronics Limited, Stable Environment, Chilmark Manor Farm, Chilmark, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP3 5AF Tel: 01722 717 878 Email:

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