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If you are thinking about studying Public Health as a degree at a Postgraduate level, there are several organisations you should first research and contact in order to gain important information concerning your potential course. It would be best to confer with the RSPH (the Royal Society for Public Health), the UKPHA (the UK Public Health Association), or the FPH (the Faculty of Public Health), all of which will provide crucial detail for your benefit.

The Royal Society for Public Health -

The Royal Society for Public Health, formed back in 2008 with its allied company the Royal Society of Health, RSPH is a great source of information should you wish to know more about the Public Health Domain. RSPH is an independent organisation, their goal ultimately aiming for the promotion of human health as a whole, social awareness of its necessity, and simply to ensure our wellbeing.

This is all done through practical activities such as advocacy, meditation, personal empowerment and shared knowledge, so that a member of the RSPH will feel at ease, confident, and educated on vital topics of human security. They also encourage scientific research developments in the hope their discovery will ultimately benefit our society.

The RSPH have over 6,000 members to date, and is always looking for more. Should you be working in a field related to the Public Health Domain, their doors are always open. Almost 100,000 people a year take their tests on Public Health subjects such as hygiene, health and safety and medical improvements, the passing of which will gain you a professional mark in the employer’s eye.

The organisation holds frequent conferences and learning opportunities should anyone wish to further their knowledge in Public Health, with courses and seminars concerning food safety, water, infection control, occupational medicine and many more. So if you were considering Public Health as a degree, it might be wise to attend.

The United Kingdom Public Health Association - UKPHA shares a similar and equally admirable intention of ensuring the protection of our state of Public Health, but instead takes a different method of action. They instead focus on the immediate need to stop inequalities in the health system, and aim to promote sustainable development in times of an uncertain environmental future.

As a multi-disciplinary organisation, UKPHA gathers together its various dedicated members from around the country, all of whom share the want of a better tomorrow, and aim to promote the importance of the Public Health Domain. They spread information and encourage awareness and ensure our society know of the dangers and necessity of staying safe, and support others working in the same field of work. This could one day be you working in the Public Health Domain, so look into UKPHA should you wish to support their cause.

The Faculty of Public Health -

Established way back in 1972 originally as a charity for the Royal Commission of Medical Education, the Faculty of Public Health has now become the standard setting body for those working in Public Health within the United Kingdom. It is joined with various other renowned organisations, such as the Royal Colleges of Physicians, the World Federation of Public Health Associations, and the Three Royal Colleges, but still remains an independent governance organisation with their own memberships and financial arrangements in place.

It is the professional connection of over 3,300 people employed in work related to the Publish Health Domain, and although their members are from a diverse range of working backgrounds, all are welcomed and treated fairly, and given equal opportunity within the establishment. And as a strategic organisation, the FPH and all their members work collaboratively in order to spread awareness of Public Health, and join external groups to their cause.

All three of these organisations are dedicated to the promotion and protection of the Public Health Domain, and if you were hoping to contribute as well in studying a degree in that field, take a look at the websites to see what useful information they can happily provide.

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