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WHAT TO DO NOW? 10 Reasons to Study Public Health


Public Health can be defined as “the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through organised efforts of society.” Disease does not obey border lines and the melting plot of cultures and languages necessitate effective communication in promoting global awareness. A clinician can make a difference in one person’s life while public health can save hundreds, thousands or even millions of lives with the implementation of a public health procedure or policy. The small pox eradication programme is a global example of one of the most effective public health initiatives in history that potentially saved billions of lives.

The Centre for Disease Control has published a list of the greatest achievements of the first decade of the 21st century in public health:

• Vaccine-Preventable Diseases reduced

• Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases.

• Tobacco Control • Maternal and Infant Health • Motor Vehicle Safety • Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

• Occupational Safety • Cancer Prevention • Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

• Public Health Preparedness and Response

All of these measures have saved countless lives in varying fields. The only common denominator to these issues were that they impacted health negatively on a local or even global level and that public health specialists were responsible

for putting safety precautions and safeguards in action.

The public health sector has attracted more attention from governments thanks to an increase in public awareness: in the field of environmental protection for instance, the danger of toxic waste is now well known and the demand for experts in environmental health and industrial hygiene is growing. Greater importance is placed on health promotion and disease prevention as an economical means to safeguarding large populations. Incidents such the H1N1 virus outbreak or the anthrax bioterrorism emphasise the need to strengthen public health infrastructure to be ready for future threats.

So whether you want to vaccinate children in Kenya, promote breastfeeding in Pakistan or organise new health legalisations in the UK, the public health sector is for you.

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Vocational Skills


Whilst boosting your intellectual knowledge of health and social care, postgraduate courses can uniquely balance this with the provision of a wealth of vocational skills that will lead you into your future career. Through universities’ collaboration with the NHS and care trusts, you can gain the real experience that future employers are looking for.

New Pathways

With the growth of technology and the modernisation of health and social care, the pathways in healthcare provision are continually growing. Consequently, the opportunities for health and social graduates are better than ever, with health professionals’ demand for such postgraduates growing year or year with newfound opportunities and leadership roles.

The School of Health and Related Research at the University of Sheffield is one of the top schools of its kind in the United Kingdom, and is home to world- class experts in Public Health, Health Services Research and Emergency Medicine.


At postgraduate level, universities pride themselves on the on the way that they can offer a flexible course tailored to you. This can mean that working commitments and distance are no issue, you can work full-time alongside your degree and have the same opportunities and resources offered to all students.

The strength of our research underpins an extensive range of postgraduate courses, relevant to the needs of health and social care professionals, managers and those seeking a career in health services research. We currently teach over 500 students from around the world, and our graduates go on to do important work in regional and national governments, charities and other health-related fields.

Stand out

Some graduates may wish to go into the world of work straight from university, whereas by continuing your education at a top university for your field you can work to acquire experience and knowledge. This will set you apart from rival applicants and truly make an impression on potential employers.

Public Health at ScHARR The Sheffield Master of Public Health (MPH) is suitable for all nationalities. The MPH is suited to both clinical and non- clinical professionals who aspire to be leaders in healthcare organisations around the world. These include doctors, pharmacists and nurses, social

Be at on the front line of research

At postgraduate level the choice is yours – be it to study on a largely research based level or through direct teaching. Either way, your university will involve you with their research at a new level than ever experienced as an undergraduate. In this booming area of research the possibilities are endless.

workers, health care managers and social scientists. The programme provides students with a strong grounding in the fundamental principles and practice of public health, and our flexible modular structure allows our courses to meet a wide range of student needs and interests. It also allows us to tailor learning to particular areas of public health.

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ScHARR offers a number of variations of its Master of Public Health. To find out more, click on the links below:

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Master of Public Health (MPH) 10 Conversion Be the leader The choice is yours

Postgraduate courses in Health and Social care offer a wide range of modules and flexibility. This allows you to study what you’re interested in, in the way that suits you and your passions.

Personal Development

The challenges and experiences that post- graduate study poses not only foster your professional development, but take you on a journey that will see the your inter-personal and soft skills flourish. This is achieved through small group study and the way which you will liaise with top professionals in your field.

Flexible Distance Learning ScHARR also offers an MPH which can be studied via distance learning. This programme has been designed for flexibility, allowing students with busy lives to achieve the qualifications they need to help their careers. For more information about ScHARR’s Distance Learning Master of Public Health, visit our MPH-DL website.


Postgraduate courses are all about you. Through studying at this level you are given new opportunities to lead your own future by taking on this step to boost your career opportunities. Equally, leadership skills are developed through the focus on student led seminars, where you can share what you know to your peers.

Master of Public Health (Management and Leadership)

ERASMUS MUNDUS European Masters Programme in Public Health

On a postgraduate course you’ll meet a huge pool of people of different backgrounds and with different goals but all sharing common interests. Through this not only will you have a new network of like-minded individuals but, alongside the work you do with health and social care professionals, you will be able to build a network of contacts to further your career opportunities all the more.

Master of Public Health in Health Services Research – the MPH (HSR)

Why Choose ScHARR? ScHARR has the UK’s largest volume of world-leading or internationally excellent health services research and health technology assessment activity. You will be taught by some of the world’s leading scholars in these fields, and benefit from an environment in which teaching and research go hand-in-hand. The University of Sheffield is in the world’s Top 100, with our Students’ Union consistently voted as the best in the country. Sheffield is a city of stunning landscapes – the greenest in Europe, creative, welcoming, rich in culture and history, and also the safest city in the UK according to the UK Peace Index 2013.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Find out more about studying at ScHARR at

Not many 18 year olds truly know what they want to do with their future, it is often halfway through embarking on an undergraduate degree that true interests are realised. But it’s not too late. Through postgraduate education you can achieve your goals of entering into a career in health and social care through a course that truly meets your interests.

For more information on the issues public health is facing today, go to:


ABS sets the agenda for business and management education in the UK within an increasingly international environment.

It develops influential policies and promotes, communicates and lobbies on these at local, regional, national and international levels as appropriate.

Collectively, our members provide business and management education for over 250,000 students a year.

ABS works with similar organisations in Europe and around the world including: • The Arab Society of Faculties of Business

• Economics and Political Sciences (BEPS)

• Association of African


• The French Foundation for Management Education.

In 2008/9 students from over 200 different countries came to the UK to study business and management, from Azerbaijan to Zambia, with students from China, India, Nigeria, Germany and France the most numerous.

Business Schools

• Association of Asia Pacific Business Schools

• Association of Graduate Recruiters

• Baltic Management Development Association

Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson thinks the best business ideas are those with real meaning. These three MBAs are using entrepreneurship to solve big issues in India, Syria and Sudan.

Sir Richard Branson, one of the greatest entrepreneurs of his age, agrees that the best businesses are often those that make a difference in the world.

The founder of Virgin, one of the biggest brands that have over 360 different companies under its banner, become an entrepreneur when he was a teenager. He may not have studied an MBA, but his circumstances were shared by many business school start-ups today.

He launched his first business, a magazine called Student, during the Vietnam War when he was 15. He aspired to end the conflict and become an entrepreneur out of need, not greed.

Sir Richard told a live-stream audience, part of Global

• British Council • Canadian Federation of Business School Deans

• Chartered Institute of Public Relations

• European Foundation for Management Development

Entrepreneurship Week, that the best business ideas are somewhat humble.

“It was a dreadful war and young people all over the world wanted to rise up and stop it,” he said. "We had to become entrepreneurs in order to ensure the business survived.

"Often the best businesses come when people have the idea and want to make a difference. In the process they end up trying to make sure more money comes in so they can survive.”

There is an increasing trend in MBAs shunning traditional jobs in favour of entrepreneurial start-ups.

But there are also those that seek to use entrepreneurship to improve the world. Social impact and entrepreneurship are often merged and business schools provide the perfect platform for MBAs to develop their world-changing ideas.

One such MBA, Bharath Maguluri, completed the full-time program at

Business and management statistics:

Business and management continues to be the most popular subject area of study for undergraduates and continues to increase at a faster rate than the sector as a whole.

EMLYON Business School earlier this year and has already begun work on restoring the education system in his home, India.

postgraduate level.

Fixing Education In India Bharath is now spearheading the financial and academic management of 10 schools in Southern India with his father. K12 Techno Services Pvt. Ltd is responsible for over 150,000 students.

He graduated from Ohio State University and then began an MBA at EMLYON in France. Bharath returned with fresh ideas to bolster his family's education business.

Education is a problem in India and today, just 58 per cent of children complete primary school. Of those, only 10 per cent go on to study at college. Literacy rates are as low as 74 per cent and in the countryside; schools are often of a poor quality.

Bharath wants to use

• 1 in 8 undergraduates chose business and management.

• 1 in 5 postgraduates chose business and management.

• 1 in 4 international students. • £2bn estimated contribution to UK export earnings.

• £7.5bn estimated contribution to regional economies. Source: HESA Student/Staff/Finance records 2009/10

Employers are looking for key skills including: communication, analytical and research abilities, good interpersonal skills and increasingly an awareness of sustainability practices for business and research.

entrepreneurship to change that. "I had a passion for education and when I came back, when I had got my

So whether you want to work in management consultancy, local government, charity or for any other business or indeed start your own business, skills from a business and management course will place you in a good position to get a job and build a career.

New course directory coming soon listing all UK business school courses online – check our website for details.

Follow us on Twitter: @Londonabs

Finance and hospitality are two particular growth areas at all levels of study, with Marketing and Management both proving increasingly popular at

CASE STUDY Lancaster Graduate’s Taste of Success

At just 24, Paul Hodges has developed a taste for success, having launched his own bespoke, gourmet sausage making company, The Grand Old Duke of Pork.

“They (parents) are compromising on the quality of education and sending students to Government schools, which are very bad. Every year the Government is planning to close down more schools."

experience in international markets, we expanded the company rapidly,” he toldBusinessBecause.

He wants to set up his own online education platform for the next generation of India, and help address some of the many problems associated with the education sector.

"The low-class schools are for people with mid-level income or below,” he said. “In the countryside in India, it’s very difficult (for children) and even though the Government provides free schools, there aren’t good facilities, or good enough infrastructure.

"Many people can’t go to private schools because they would have to travel up to a hundred kilometers a day.

because the situation was so tough."

But it was there that Amin’s passion for business was ignited. His entrepreneurial flair was set off by the famous Aleppo soap - made in the country for over 2,000 years.

He was approached by a business partner and the pair developed an idea to market Syria’s famous soap in Switzerland.

They wanted to mix the country’s tradition with a modern marketing campaign and although the start-up didn’t flourish, Amin was inspired to switch career paths.

"I would like to help Syria rebuild after the war ends and I believe the MBA changed my vision towards Syria and the solution,” he said.

Despite coming from a family without either food industry experience, or entrepreneurship experience, the idea for The Grand Old Duke of Pork came early on.

The solution? Teach children from home. An EMLYON MBA gave Bharath the skills to use entrepreneurship to fix India's flagging education system.

A graduate of the Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) BA in Management and Entrepreneurship, Paul is making waves in the food industry with his concept of customer designed sausage flavours which are then made and couriered to them.

Since launching in June 2012 after Paul graduated, the company has gone from strength to strength. As well as selling online from his website, Paul also has started selling direct to pubs in the Lancaster area.

In November 2012, Paul’s business won a Smarta 100 award. Smarta described The Grand Old Duke of Pork as ‘One of the most resourceful, original, exciting and disruptive small businesses in the UK’.

Paul has also been nominated for the Lancaster University Alumni Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Knowing he wanted to start his own business, Paul decided to study management and entrepreneurship at LUMS and immediately found the course ideal for him.

"The way I approach a problem is completely different now," he said. "I would look at how to solve problems only from my experience in the education business. Now, what I think of is how to grow, how to get more people in the business; I am constantly looking at a different angle.”

The Arab Spring: Syrian Civil War Amin Kattan is from the worn-torn Arab state of Syria. He left the country because he felt he had no future. Eventually, he ended up studying an MBA at EMLYON and has plans to rebuild his homeland once the conflict ends.

The Syrian civil war has left more than 100,000 dead and millions displaced. Amin has lost two cousins and an uncle to the conflict. “I had no freedom in Syria," he said. "At that point and until recently the main dream of Syrian youth was to leave

Paul hopes to build on this and gain further experience of the food industry over the next few years, with the ambition to run and own his own pub selling his sausages.

Civil War In Sudan

“I believe in entrepreneurship as a way to rebuild the country and society; giving jobs to people prevents them from taking weapons and becoming thugs.

“I went on an open day and became convinced I should apply to LUMS after speaking to staff on the course about what I’d be able to get involved with,” he said.

"We have hundreds of thousands of injured people, and if you give them jobs you save them from despair, hunger and death. As soon as the situation becomes stable I think entrepreneurship will do this.”

“Doing the course and particularly meeting quite a few other entrepreneurs gave me the inspiration to really go for it and start my own business.”

Paul also worked as a project administrator on his placement year at Lancaster University’s IEED – the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development.

Husameldin Elnasri is the first Sudanese MBA to study an MBA at Lancaster University Management School. Sudan has been ravaged by civil wars for over 60 years and Husameldin left his wife and two young daughters behind to further a business career and bring prosperity to his homeland.

Paul said: “During my degree and placement year with IEED I had constant access to innovative entrepreneurs. This gave me a practical insight into the reality of small business management and inspired me to set up my own business once I’d graduated.”

“Studying at Lancaster was the best years of life. LUMS has an excellent array of resources and opportunities and I’ve built up a great network of people which has helped me in running my business.”

After demonstrating extraordinary achievements in the face of adversity, he won The Independent’s MBA student of the year award. But his MBA was abruptly put on hold when Sudan, split into two countries – North and South - returned to fighting a civil war that has so far cost the lives of over 1.5 million people.

Husameldin’s motivation in business is to help the people of Sudan, those

living in poverty, with the threat of war looming over their heads, to have a better quality of life.

The MBA at Lancaster was a platform for him to use those skills to change Sudan for the better. "I aspire to be an African agriculture business expert," he said.

"I think we would be able to provide a lot of solutions because we have to take the fact that most Africans are actually farmers and see that this is the area that we really need to address.”

Husameldin landed a job with DAL Group last year. The company is the largest and most diversified conglomerate in Sudan and Husameldin is a Senior Project Manager, tasked with expanding their agriculture strategy across the country.

He says that he would “definitely not” have got the job had he not studied an MBA at Lancaster and that it provided him with the soft skills and experience needed.

His motivation is to help others succeed through the agriculture industry, and in-turn fix the many social and political problems in Sudan. He is just one of many MBAs that seek to create real change through business leadership and entrepreneurship.

Business Schools have been helping MBAs create start-ups in greater numbers than ever.

Sir Richard founded his company on the basis of similar problems of conflict, and if b-school graduates can achieve half the success that he has, they will be well on their way to changing the world.

Virgin's founder feels the best ideas are those that will create solutions to the world's problems. Entrepreneurship is used for a great many services and not all of them are so sincere.

But what is clear is that these three MBA entrepreneurs are changing the world - for the better.


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