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INSPIRING YOUR SPACE 4 CON 876 Tall Advert 18-06-13.indd 1 Exercise ‘as beneficial as pills’

Exercise could be as beneficial as pills for people who have suffered from a stroke or experience heart conditions, a study by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has found. Scientists studied hundreds of

trials involving nearly 340,000 patients to explore the benefits of both exercise and drugs in preventing death, with the work being conducted by research- ers at the London School of Economics, the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute at Harvard Medical School and the Stanford University School of Medicine. Of

the material analysed,

researchers were able to indentify 305 medical trials that were of use, with each trial exploring the management of conditions such as existing heart disease, stroke rehabilitation, heart fail- ure and pre-diabetes. Findings showed that physical exertion

and activity rivalled some heart condition drugs, while also outperforming medication for strokes. Tey also found that exercise was the best form of help for strokes in terms of life expectancy, however diuretics medication worked best for heart failure patients.

Te scientists have used the results to suggest

that exercise should be added to prescriptions provided by doctors, with patients then using both exercise and medication together for the best results. The scientists stated that given the

lack of funding available for future tri- als, it could be of benefit to use evidence from pharmaceutical companies that are under increasing pressure to perform active-comparator trials for market entry. Details:

Flame Awards 2014 categories revised

The criteria for UKActive’s Flame Awards has received a shake up in a bid to better reflect how the leisure sec- tor has evolved and to create opportunities for clubs indus- try suppliers and stakeholders to celebrate how their work impacts health. The Flame Awards 2014

will also see the introduction of new awards and for the first time operators and suppliers will be up against each other in a number of new categories. These new categories

Scientists looked at more than 340,000 patients during the study

Te 2013 Flame Awards held at the annual Flame Conference in Telford

include ‘Workplace Wellbeing’, ‘Shaping the Future Generation’, ‘Go Green’ and ‘Go Outdoors’. Another addition is the ‘Supplier of the Year’ Award. Tis category will give suppliers the opportunity to put them- selves forward against the best in the sector. Unveiled at LIW, David Stalker, CEO of

ukactive, said: “Te changes reflect a desire from ukactive to continually adapt in line with the sector we represent, ensuring all stakeholders have an equal opportunity to

Read Leisure Opportunities online: 20/06/2013 10:42

gain the recognition they deserve for their ded- ication to the highest quality of provision of active leisure.” Key updates to existing awards mean

they are now based on what each club offers rather than the size of their membership. Tis update has led to the separation of ‘Streamline Operation’ and ‘Multi-use Operation’ for both ‘Centre of the Year,’ and ‘Club of the Year’. Details:

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