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A Feel-Good Approach to Clear Skin

by Joseph Tonzola, LAc A

cne is common for people of all ages and it can weaken self-confidence. Harsh dermatological creams and medications often do not produce clear and healthy skin. Many people have found help through a holistic approach that integrates acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary and lifestyle changes and natural skincare techniques to naturally eliminate their acne problems. Here are some tips for a feel-good approach to clear and healthy skin.

Sugar: Anyone with acne must avoid processed sugar, which causes inflammation in the body and manifests as pimples. Chinese medicine tells us that the overconsumption of sugar creates dampness and heat, which is what creates a red, pus-filled pimple. Read all food labels and pay attention to the sugar content. Even better, eliminate all processed foods and eat real, whole foods that are not packaged. Fruit is a great alternative to help with sweet cravings, along with natural sweeteners such as honey (do not overindulge).

Stress: Anyone with acne will have more breakouts under stress. This is mostly due to the hormone, cortisol, that is released when we are stressed. It’s important to find natural ways to manage stress, such as regular acupuncture treatments, herbal medicines, yoga and meditation exercises.

Natural skin care: There are wonderful ways to naturally clean the skin without spending a lot of money. One important step is to use a gentle cleanser made with simple and natural ingredients that will not overly dry the skin. Commercial products marketed to acne sufferers tend to rob the skin of its natural oils. The body’s response is to produce more oil, which can clog pores and worsen acne. While natural oils get blamed for clogging pores, it is actually commercial soap that imbalances the oil glands. Natural cleansers and natural oils help reestablish the balance of overworked sebaceous glands.

Nutrition: If we are not eating well or are eating under stress, vitamin supplements can help. One important nutrient for clear skin is vitamin D, which can help reduce inflammation, boost immunity and manage stress.

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