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Wellbeing Indicator

Achieving (receiving support and guidance in their learning – boosting their skills, confidence and self-esteem)

Expected outcome / impact (what we will measure and report on)

• An ethos of high expectations and achievement in every school and service

• Continue to be the highest performing mainland council area as measured by national examinations

• Improved attainment in the senior phase • Improved attainment in national examinations in curricular areas where performance has been identified as weak

• An improvement in the attainment of the lowest performing 20% of East Renfrewshire’s school age children and especially looked after children

• Improved reading, writing and mathematics throughout the years of the broad general education

• An improvement in the readiness of children to start learning

• An increase in the number of pupils, school leavers and adults with well developed employability skills

• An increase in the percentage of pupils agreeing they have opportunities to celebrate personal achievements

Activities (what we will do to bring about improvement)

• Continue to offer challenge and support to all schools and services to achieve consistently high standards through internal and external review

• Continue to support and challenge schools to raise attainment through analysis of data, improved professional judgements, the target setting process and improved learning and teaching

• Provide analysis and benchmarking information on SQA results in all subject areas to support schools in ensuring young people are presented for the most appropriate National Qualification

• Provide further support to senior staff and teachers in schools in using tracking and monitoring tools

• Devise and implement a Literacy Strategy • Support schools and prefive centres to implement new approaches to teaching and learning reading skills

• Continue to implement the Numeracy and Mathematics Action Plan

• Work with partners to redesign the school vocational programme • Offer adult learners participating in SQA employability courses the opportunity to achieve an accredited qualification

• Work with partners to accredit young people’s achievements through a broad range of activities and national award schemes

• Continue to implement the Recognising Achievement and Raising Attainment strategy, extend provision of the e-portfolios and introduce S3 certificates to celebrate the end of the broad general education phase

• A curriculum which enables all children, young people and adults to be successful, confident, responsible and effective in school, their work, their community and internationally

• Continue to implement the Curriculum for Excellence action plan, with a particular focus on curriculum design of a broad general education and the senior phase.

• Continue to support schools to implement the new national qualifications and their practices in line with the national assessment framework.

• Continue to support schools and clusters to develop further staff confidence in relation to assessment and moderation activity in both broad general education and for new qualifications

• Continue to support the development of a Local Assessment Resource • Support secondary schools to introduce new national qualifications • Devise and implement a strategy to reflect national policy of 1 + 2 languages • Build on success of primary school Science Champions and roll out to secondary sector


Inclusion, Achievement, Ambition and Progress for All

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