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Our vision is one of Inclusion, Achievement, Ambition and Progress for All. We work to ensure we get it right for every child (GIRFEC) and that all children, young people and adults are Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible and Included. We believe that this vision and these principles can and will be realised through the commitments signalled in this plan and reinforced by the actions taken in our schools and services to improve the quality of the experiences we provide for the children, young people, adults and families of East Renfrewshire. Our target outcomes and expected impacts in the next three-year cycle are organised under the SHANARRI wellbeing indicators:

Wellbeing Indicator

Safe (protected from abuse, neglect or harm)

Expected outcome / impact (what we will measure and report on)

• An improvement in the percentage of learners reporting they feel safe and cared for in school

• An improvement in the percentage of pupils reporting that school staff are good at dealing with bullying behaviour

• Maintaining and improving upon the high percentage of staff agreeing they are aware of their school’s procedures for protecting children

Healthy (experiencing the highest standards of physical and mental health, and supported to make healthy, safe choices)

• A positive culture in health and wellbeing in every school and service

• An improvement in the percentage of pupils reporting they are encouraged to make healthy food choices

• Increased involvement of new users in culture and sports services and holiday programmes

• An increase in the percentage of pupils reporting they take part in out-of-class activities and school clubs

• An improvement in the percentage of young children reaching all of the expected developmental outcomes at 27 – 30 month assessment and on entry to primary school

• Work with partner agencies to develop our approaches to health and wellbeing and refreshing our commitment to promoting health and wellbeing in schools • Introduce the Right Moves programme to P5 – 7 pupils in all primary schools

• Support the development of the integrated Barrhead Sports, Learning and Leisure Centre

• Refresh arts and sports development and align primary schools to local clubs Activities (what we will do to bring about improvement)

• Continue to work with schools and services to develop a zero tolerance to bullying and discriminatory behaviour

• Support schools to work with internal and outside agencies to implement departmental guidance on promoting positive behaviour

• Work with community planning partners to develop our approaches to Prevention and Place with an initial focus on the Auchenback area of Barrhead

Inclusion, Achievement, Ambition and Progress for All


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