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You are in Control of Your Body Mind by Chance Massaro

SANTA ROSA, CA. Think good Thoughts. Review the details of a pleasant memory. Do a little kindness


someone. Say a prayer of gratitude.


yourself to love with- out condition. Give of yourself. Visualize a positive future.

These thoughts and feelings, of which you are in control, have tremendous physiolog-

ical results in your body mind. As do their opposites. First a little science. It is

commonly understood that the brain controls the movements of the body. It is also accepted that emotional states originate in the brain and will be experienced in the body. We now understand that the opposite is also valid: the body impacts what happens in the brain. Let’s summarize some of the

body’s chemical messengers. The good guys or chemicals which make us feel “good” (that is happy, satisfied, strong, asser- tive, at ease etc.) are testosterone, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin

and a group called endorphins. The chemicals which make us anxious, irritable, aggres- sive and depressed are adrenaline and cortisol.

Human beings, then, are electro- chemical miracles responding con- stantly to inner and outer

stimulation and the person him

or her self is in control of those chemicals, if they know they are and consciously exert influence on the whole miracle. So, decide to be happy. When someone asks you how you are, don’t just say, “Fine” or “not too bad” say, “Terrific!” or “99% and getting better,” even if you’re a bit under the weather. YOUR BRAIN WILL HEAR YOU and it will respond appropriately. Because we know now conclu- sively that what you believe, you receive and what you think about comes about.

When you tell someone a

joke or a pleasant memory, you smile, they smile and those good

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18 • March 2013 • UPBEAT TIMES

guy chemicals are created (oxy- tocin, associated with birth, is also generated in physical contact like hugging and holding hands). Whenever you laugh, exercise, enjoy sex or eat chocolate you are creating chemicals which will reduce pain and enable you to smile and think good thoughts. It is also true that whenever you

recount an unpleasant memory or some painful experience you are generating the same chemi- cals you endured when the pain- ful experience happened. When you have a bruise or a bandage everyone will ask, “What hap- pened?” DON’T TELL THEM THE TRUTH!

Make up some

cockamainy story about wrestling alligators or jumping out of an airplane. Make them smile and then go on to talk about some- thing else: something positive. Now here’s the big news. Your posture and movements will greatly influence chemicals relat- ed to confidence and strength. It’s pretty obvious that if you are assuming a protective or caved-in posture, breathing shal- lowly, that you are creating cor- tisol, which will make you feel weak and unworthy. If you stand or sit tall and raise your arms as though you just won a race and breathe deeply you will create testosterone and feel confident and strong. Never has it been clearer that YOU ARE UP TO YOU.


your brain what you want and decide what you want to think about.

And tell everyone you know what a miracle you are. by Yerevan Aries

(March 21st - April 20th) This is a time to break free beyond your limitations and trust in the pro- cess of your unfoldment without try- ing to rush or push anything. Things might seem a little bit stifling early March but later into the month you may feel like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. Do not worry about what seems to be going wrong, because much of that is what is coming to pass, rather than to stay. Find comfort in like-minded others, and have a great birthday!


(April 21st – May 20th) This is a month of probable finan- cial gain for you. You may find peace in simplifying your life and spending time outdoors or surround- ing yourself with live greenery. If you slow down to watch the organic growth of plants you might be able to better see the growth occurring in your own life. Your clairvoyant

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Your current excitement phase isn’t over yet, so your challenge this month is to not get scattered with all of what’s going on. Maintain focus and integrity as much as possible. If you find yourself stuck in a loop of patterns that have been repeated themselves for ages, recognize this is your opportunity to finally break it once and for all. If you can man- age to do this, you will have some of made the best use of your energy, as you move toward success.

UPBEAT TIMES • March 2013 • 18 Horoscopes

March 2013

JOKES & Humor # 8

youngster. "You heard what I told you," scolded the mother. "Why did you disobey?"

"Well," said the little one, "when you gotta glow, you gotta glow!"


(June 21st – July 22nd) Motherly love with a little bit of

kookiness thrown in…doesn’t that sort of summarize the Cancerian archetype? I’m thinking of the Frank Zappa song Motherly Love as a metaphor for your March ‘13. “Forget about the brotherly and otherly love”…and forget about conventional, conditional, co- dependent sorts of love. It’s time for an inner and outer love revolution. How much of the cosmic love can you give, receive, and embody?


(July 23rd – August 22nd) As the fruit ripens on the trees, you will see many of the fruits of your labors in the weeks to come. While some of what you’re trying to accomplish may not come easy this month, the results work in your favor. Some of the misfortunes of others may stir your sympathy at a time when you have surplus energy to help some of them out. As long as you keep your priorities straight your well won’t run dry. You might find yourself thinking a lot.


(Aug 23rd – September 22nd) It might be a quiet and reflective month, but this could be what you need to recharge your batteries. Just a short and quick review of what your goals are during the first half of the month could help you to

make better choices about things or people near and dear to you. There is a slight pause to some aspect of your work, and a possible health matter may be more closely related to your emotions than your realize. You may find support in groups or friends.

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"All right, kids," she ordered, "line up, and whatever hap- pens, don't shine your light. There are owls in the forest and they might fly down and eat you!" The small fireflies did as they were told, with the youngest firefly at the end of the line. As they were moving carefully along, suddenly the mother saw a light far back. "Stop!" she whispered. "Who lit the light back there?" "I did," admitted the

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