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tion. In the recent American Customer Satisfaction Index quarterly report, Social Security continued to score higher than the best private online

services, including

The following is an excerpt from the book: Daddy I Need to Go Potty

Before You Speak by Gabriel A. Fraire “Daddy, I need

to go potty.” At first, I thought my two year old was doing this on purpose.

The moment

I would sit down to eat she would say, “Daddy I need to go potty.” Or, after she has her snowsuit zipped and sealed: “Daddy, I need to go potty.” Or, as soon as we find ourselves away from home... Fortunately, having now

lived through two of my wife’s pregnancies, I know every available “potty”

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fairly evenly throughout the year. September and October are also good times to visit as there are less tourists.

There are a number of

hotels within Foz do Iguacu but only a few hostels. One hostel we highly recommend is Hostel Bambu located sev- eral

blocks from the main

Av. Brazil at Edmundo de Barros, 621. This hostel also has another location on the Argentina side. The staff is incredibly helpful and friendly – wired and wireless Internet (sporadically working) is available as well as a small shallow pool, a very nice bar, a kitchen, old weight equip- ment and laundry facilities. A small breakfast is included in the price; this hostel is small with several dorm rooms as well as several private rooms.

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Quotations will tell the full measure of meaning, if you have enough of them. ~James Murray UPBEAT TIMES • March 2013 • 9

within a five hundred mile radius.

Learning to speak correctly is important, not for kids but for parents. We were hav- ing a nice dinner one evening with friends and the girls were doing

when the little one started to say something with food in her mouth. So, I


“Please don’t talk with your mouth full.” She spit all her food out onto her plate so she could finish talking. I’ve learned to say, “Please finish what you are eating before you speak.”

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I love quotations because it is a joy to find thoughts one might have, beautifully expressed with much

recognized wiser

than oneself. Marlene Dietrich

authority by someone

UPBEAT TIMES • March 2013 • 9 Kaptain Obvious

Cut once…. Measure twice

by Julie Sherman of Sonoma County

The distinguished old barber Sat alone in his chair Contemplating the “Why?” He’d not been cutting much hair…

Yet he knew the real reason As he read the signs proof: “We cut hair for six dollars” ….And too low for his truth

The new ‘Mega salon’ Is where his clients would meet Just to save a few dollars. As he watched cross the street

….Well always a thinker, he made a big sign- “I FIX SIX DOLLAR HAIRCUTS!

Or – pay once with just mine!”

The very next week they gave Him keys to ‘what for?’ He opened ‘Haircuts & Hats’ As they lined out his door.

MORE FUN POETRY TO COME! Sonoma County’S upbeat DoCtorS Weird Facts & Trivia - 3

We’ve all heard the term ‘vernal equinox’. Vernal means ‘spring’ and equinox means ‘equal night’. Both words are from Latin.

Benjamin Franklin was the first American to propose Dalylight Saving Time in 1784. However, it wasn’t fully implemented in the US until after the Second World War.

Some of the plants that have strong associations with spring include dandelions, daffodils,

lilies, primroses, hyacinths, tulips, azaleas, iris and lilacs.

Spring fever is not just a myth – the body may experience

physiological changes due to changes in diet, hormone production and temperature.

Common garden nasturtium

(Tropaeolum majus) also called Indian Cress, Mexican Cress, Peru Cress and Jesuit's Cress, is native to Central and South America (not to be confused with the genus Nasturtium, which is Watercress). Nasturtiums are one of the most widely recognized edible flowers.

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