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The Town Hall of the City of Brussels Doran Beach, Bodega Bay, California

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I don't care how much power, brilliance or energy you have, if you don't harness it and focus it on a specific target, and hold it there, you're never going to accomplish as


just got through reading the February edition of UT and enjoyed it as always.

I espe-

cially got a kick out of seeing the photo of Barrie, taken back in 2002, which had a personal impact on me personally by tak- ing me back to one of the most special times in my life.


photo was taken when Karen and Barrie came to visit us while we lived in Belgium and, in fact, was taken at the Grand Place, one of Brussels’ and Belgium’s most famous sites. (The photo’s caption mistak- enly states the location as being in London). We lived just 15 minutes from the Grand Place and it was one of our favorite pleases to go regularly.

It is

by definition the town square, and thus one of Brussels’ oldest sites.

The signature building

within the square is L’Hotel du Ville, or town hall, and the rest of the buildings around the square are the classic Guild Houses where all commerce was conducted.

The Guild Life is full of obstacle illusions. ~Grant Frazier

Houses represented all the major trades of the day, from beer brewers to lace tatters, bakers, tapestry weavers, dress makers, blacksmiths, stone masons, etc. The Guilds were the early ancestors of today’s unions. are


Their Houses, which ornamented

with statues, gargoyles, and architectural embellishments depicting the trade they repre- sented, were originally built of wood until a huge and uncon- trollable fire burned nearly the entire square to the ground in 1695. Now the square boasts several restaurants and tav- erns, a life-size Nativity Scene at Christmas time, and the world’s largest tapestry made entirely of begonias each year. ~Jan Hejtmanek of Littleton, CO.

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much as your ability warrants. Zig Ziglar

“Hoppy Easter!”

Have a chocolate bunny and a glass of sour beer.


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bunnies blend well with

Consecration or


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UPBEAT TIMES • March 2013 • 3

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