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Life, Health & Home By Michelle Renee Johnson, CEC, PCC •

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SEBASTOPOL, CA. ~Whether we call them reso- lutions, changes or intentions, most of us come into the new year with an intention to do some things differently. What is at the basis of all of those desires for change?

At the

About Michelle: Michelle Renee Johnson, CEC, PCC, is a life coach, teacher & personal men- tor and we welcome her as a new guest writer for Upbeat Times. In her per- sonal business, Expanding

Joy Coaching, she supports people by helping them cre- ate a life filled with joy, pas- sion & purpose. She has been writing for many years and will now share some of these experiences and stories with

core, the resolutions we make to loose weight, make more money, spend more time with the kids, quit smoking, buy that car etc. all boil down to feeling better…. What we all want, ultimate-

ly, is to experiencing more joy, more love, more peace, more connection. Here are 5 Intentions for the new year that will

take you directly

to experiencing those core desires (and get you all the rest of the stuff you want too!)

1) Make a commitment to Gratitude – Gratitude is the

foundation for Joy. Why wait until you get that next “thing”. Start increasing your joy now by being grateful for all the blessings around you. here’s the fun part.

And As you

raise your vibration through gratitude, it helps all those “things” you want to have or experience flow to you so much more easily and effort- lessly!

2) Make a commitment to Awareness – Awareness is the key to lasting change. Outer experiences are just a reflections of our inner beliefs, so lasting change can only happen when those beliefs that don’t serve us are brought light and replaced with beliefs that do serve us. So make a commitment to being

intimately aware of

what you believe. If you are not sure, use your Emotions and Thoughts to guide you. Emotions always lead you to a thought which always leads to a belief. Every time.

3) Make a commitment to Feeling Better – Use the emotional scale to guide you. As you become consistently aware of your thoughts and emotions, then you can effec- tively use the emotional scale to guide you to the thoughts and emotions that feel a little bit better… and a little bit better.. and before you know it, you will be on your way to joy!

4) Make a commitment to Loving Yourself Through It All.- No matter what! The second we beat ourselves up for not doing it right or per- fectly, we drop our vibration and change a learning expe- rience into a disempowering experience.

Through loving

yourself in times of difficulty, you actually raise your vibra- tion putting you at a more effective vibration to find the solutions you desire. I cannot emphasize how important lov- ing your self and being kind to yourself is. It is one of the

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UPBEAT TIMES • March 2013 • 20 5 Intentions That Can Change Your Life JOKES & Humor # 9

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