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March 2013Life, Health & Home WordPlay: Vocab Rehab by Marcia Singer

This Month’s Word: HumANimation (hue-man-I-may-shun)

SANTA ROSA, CA. ~ Even with the sun shining, it’s a chilly day today. Yet spring is clearly in the air, and the birds and I are singing out about it. There’s something brand new-able, renewing, fresh and inspiring about this time of year.

ly enjoy? What do you look at or watch that brings your smile out?


It’s as though anything my heart most desires can come up like a tough, young, green shoot, even through the hard concrete that may pres- ent itself. Springtime is time to expect unexpected good things to be arriving. A really good word to use when you want to be all about coming back to life in all your glory is a word I made up years ago: “HumANimation.” As you might be able to see right off, it’s really a combo of two words, “human” and “animation.”

Human can

refer to one human being, sev- eral or all humanoids on the planet. I thought it would be fun and spirit raising, with the Spring Equinox due March 20th, to do a word medita- tion on what it might mean to re-animate, to come to life, to water our souls or those of other humans, to develop strong roots in the ground of our being, and let our stems, stalks and branches reach for the warmth of the sun.

My dictionary says that animation means to “impart zest or interest,” to “enliven” or “enthuse.” I add, “renew,” “rejuvenate,” “restore.” So I ask you, what animates you? Who or what perks you up, brightens your day? Is there an activity that you especial-

humor or laughing eyes makes you feel immediate relief? Whose voice is music to your ears? What songs do you especially love to sing along to, that give you pep and energy, or that oth- erwise put you in a really good frame of mind ?


got the touch that melts you, brings you back to your sens- es, restores your faith, or qui- ets and brings you peace? Now, reverse that: Who do you animate through your contributions? Who smiles when you walk in the room? Who is enlivened by your hopeful shared conversa- tion? Who have your recently touched with your voice, your loving hands, your act of gen- erosity?

time, or virtual reality? Via photographs,

In actual physical text messages,

emails or hearts scrawled on a drawing tacked on the refrig- erator for the whole family to enjoy?

HumANimation includes

every which way our love and intentions to care for our- selves and other humans make the world a better place for everybody. And of course, the joy and happiness, the heal- ing and togetherness created as we bring ourselves more fully to life benefits all the other life-forms we share our earth with. Everything thrives through kindness and care. Here’s a few springtime

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a rise in your income, but resist the temptation to spend it all at once. It is the perfect time to save for future investments.


ideas about how we can prac- tice humANimation, be a humANimator for our world. LIGHTEN UP –Find more humor in being alive; Clean house (your own, someone else’s), de-clutter, make space for something new; Adopt a lighter, cleansing eating regime for a while, drink lots of pure water with fresh lemon juice. Lighten the load. Meditate , relax your Thinker. DE-LIGHTEN UP --Make a list of people you adore hanging out with. Express your appreciation for them, in lots of delight-filled ways. (Consult a playful child?) Commit to doing something each day just for the heart- felt pleasure of it; Share those good vibes you gen- erate with everyone around you. N-LIGHTEN UP: Make a list of people you don’t like, whose behavior typically turns you off. HumANimate: Pray for them. Imagine them happy, too. Enjoy taking another load off, how light you feel.

Shine DeLight, Marcia

(February 19th – March 20th) Intense as this time may be, it is brimming over with inspiration and synchronicity! You may find despite all odds you are exactly where you need to be, with whomever you most want to be with, and at almost – but not quite perceptibly the right time! A bit of patience will be useful but you can trust your wait will not be long. The possibility of romance is high this month for you, as well as perhaps having many possible lovers to choose from.

The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.

Sarah Ban Breathnach Weird Facts & Trivia -8

Asteroids are made of different minerals and substances. Their composition depends on the planet they broke away from in a collision, as well as the chemical reactions they might have experienced while orbiting in the solar system. The asteroids nearest to the Sun are mostly carbonaceous while the ones further away are composed of silicate rock. The metallic asteroids are made of up to 80% iron with the rest being nickel with many other metals such as iridium, palladium, platinum, and gold mixed in. Some are also made of half silicate and half metallic.

Planets are not the only ones with moons. The spacecraft Galileo proved that point in 1993 when it did a flyby of the asteroid 243 Ida and discovered its moon dactyl. That was the first object to be found to have a moon of its own that was not a planet. Several others have been discovered since, but the first was the most exciting for astronomy.

A straight path never leads anywhere except to the objective. ~Andre Gide

UPBEAT TIMES • March 2013 • 21

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