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Block management

agenTsaTcHelseacreek ResidentialBlockManagement specialistMainstay, has been appointedbyStGeorgeCentral London tomanage their prestigious newChelsea Creek development. Chelsea Creek is the


transformation of a 10 acre brownfield site to anew dockside development. A refurbished lock will link Chelsea Creektothe RiverThames, with aseriesof waterwaysflowingintothe heart of thedevelopment. Surrounded by landscaped gardens, facilities include 24-hour Concierge and exclusiveresidents only spa and gymnasium. Inwhat the two organisations believeisanindustryfirst,a

award HardworkpaYsoff

viridianHousingresident,doreenHill, hasbeenrecognisedbyviridianHousing for thehugecontributionshehasmade to residents lives by unitingcommunities andhelpingtoimprovehousingschemes aroundthecountry.doreenwas presentedwith hermakinga difference award at a presentationheldinlondon in January.Theaward acknowledges doreen’sworkasthechairofthe scrutinypanel,amemberofthenational residents’forumandaspart of the resident auditor’s team. doreen,who livesinbirmingham,said shewasproud tobenominated,andsaid itwasa joy to watchhowfar viridianhadcomein recent years.“Theorganisationreally listensto us as residentsnow,”doreensaid.


performancerisk-basedcontract hasbeendesignedaroundaset of key performance indicators focused on delivering exceptional customer service across all aspects of thedevelopment’s management,facilities and services. NickHutchings,Managing

Director,StGeorgeCentral London,commented:“When making ourselection as towho shouldmanageChelsea Creek,we were keen to chooseapartnerwho webelievewillshare ourvaluesin termsoftransparency, attention to detail andabsolutefocus on excellencebothinservice delivery andsetting thebenchmark standard across the scheme.”

ombudsman appoinTed Toppm’snew governance group PeverelProperty Management (PPM)has brought in theformer leadombudsman of theFinancial OmbudsmanService toheadupitsnew Governanceand RegulationGroup. PPMannounced

in January thatpeter Hinchliffehas been madejoint chairman of thegroupwhich hasbeengiven awide-ranging remit to findways ofimprovingPPM’s service. Hewill be joined

by representative customers of PPM’s property managementbrands such asOMProperty Managementand Consort Property Management. Betweenthem,they will tackle common complaintsandlook into broadissues flagged by residents. Individual customer queries will still be handledby property managersand customerservice teams, leavingthis groupto tackle potentially broader issues. Guided by

Hinchliffe, thepanel willhave thepower to summonsenior figures withinPPM tohelp drawup improvedprocesses withinthecompany, whichlooks after around100,000 individualhomes acrossEnglandand

Wales.Any resident canapply to join, but as it is likely

to be privilegedto

financial information, thegroupisnot intendingto take anyoneonwhohasa professionalinterest in theproperty management industry. Theoutcomes

of thequarterly meetings will be publishedonline, as will details ofhow to contact thegroup andvolunteer to join it.Thegroupwill also releaseanannual report. PPMhead of

complianceGerry Fox will act as joint chairmanandgroup MDLeeMiddleburgh will also sitonthe groupandact asa conduit betweenit andPPM. Aswell as his

positionwith theFinancial OmbudsmanService, Hinchliffeiscurrently atribunaljudge,a member atboth theDeterminations Panel at the PensionsRegulator andtheEquitable Life Independent ReviewPanel at HMTreasury.He is alsoChair of theAdjudication PaneloftheCouncil forLicensed Conveyancers.

newmdfor cHuresidenTsline BelindaThorpehas beenpromotedto ManagingDirectorof CHUResidentsline,a leadingspecialistof insuranceproducts

Ifyouhavemovedjobs contactusat info@flat-

forResidents’ Management Companiesand PropertyManaging Agents in theUK. In hernewroleBelinda is responsible forthedelivery of CHUResidentsline’s recently launched market-leading portfolioof products. Companyfounder,

NeilAbelcommented “Belinda’s promotion is richlydeserved –shewillbepivotal incontinuingto bringaddedvalueto ourUKcustomers andcontinue ourremarkable advancement,whilst stillmaintaininga hands-onapproach forour clients”. Belinda

commented“This is agreathonourand veryexcitingforour wholeteam.Wewill continueto takepride inourapproachto analyseandidentify thebestproducts for our clientsensuring thatweremain at the forefront of innovative productsproviding greaterprotection forourcustomers. Ourshareholders, CHUUnderwriting AgenciesPtyLtd haveprovidedus with theabilityto deliveramarket- leadingproduct to theUKbasedontheir experienceasleaders in flatsinsurance policiesthroughout Australia, theUnited StatesandtheUnited ArabEmirates.My team’sunderstanding of theUK’s leasehold sectorprovidesus with thestrengththat cementsourposition further.”

Spring2012 Flat Living

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