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Fabric designers

ROMOContemporary, affordable andvery goodquality GP&J Baker Top-endfabrichouse. Traditional designs with truly luxurious fabrics.Baker Lifestyle is theirmorerelaxed ‘shabbychic’, affordable brand.

Lewis&Wood Traditionalbeautiful designsand quality.

VanessaArbuthnott Prettycountry stylefabrics. Primarily linenunion. Distinctly lackingin chintz!

Clarke&Clarke Lovely affordablequalityinboth contemporaryandclassic designs.

SusieWatsonDesigns Prettytickingstripesand embroidery in

cottonandlinen. Alovely collection of trimmingsand accessories

Price& Co Trade

only supplier of beautiful immin


everyconceivable accessoryfor soft furnishings.

upholstery,itshouldonlybeusedfor very occasional pieces.

Forthe fabricsyou arekeentouse,order large returnable samples. This gives you the opportunity to see the fabric in a big piece andthendrape over thefurniture or hang at the window. You should be able to keep these foramonth.Ifyou do notreturnthemwithin this time,you will be charged forthe fabric. Most fabric comesinastandardwidth of 137cmwith a stated fabric repeat.

Remember to checkthese detailsasboththe curtainmakerand theupholsterer need this informationtocalculatefabricquantities. Thepattern repeat should always be part of the decisionmaking process. If you have largeexpansivewindows,alarge expansive printwilllookamazing.However,the same fabric will look wrong onsmall windows. Alternatively, asmall busy printwilllook terribleonlargerwindows.Thisiswhere a returnable sample will avoid costly mistakes.

Thereismoretodressingwindows than simplymaking achoicebetween curtains or blinds.The styleofcurtainsshouldbe determined by thestyle of property and interior.For example,atraditional Georgian conversion warrants traditionalgrand window dressings such as swags and tails andhugesweeping drapes.Alternatively,a modern loftapartment couldhaveroman blinds or even eyelet curtains with steel poles. Blinds comeinmanydifferentstyles includingRoman,Venetian, cascade,London or Swedish. Curtainscan have cottagepleats, pinchedpleats, goblet pleats etc. Areputable curtainmaker will be able to advise you and

The options for dressing a window

Flat Living Spring2012

cost will be hugely different so do getaprice before youstart.You will also need farmore fabric than youthink andapattern will be even more.

Thetimespent on upholstery canbe

competentlymake upwhatever you choose. Thinkabout linings. Forbedroomsand

children’s roomsIrecommend totalblackout to help you sleep. Other rooms can be sateen lined. However, if youneed extrawarmthand youalsowantyourwindowdressings to have the ‘wow’ factor, have theminterlined. Foraddedindividuality,think aboutadding

atrim. This couldbeaquirkypompomtrim oramoresophisticated twistedropetrim in acomplimentary colour.There arealso lots of options including beads, sequins and swarkovskycrystal.Bewarned...trim is not cheap, but worth itwhen you see howspecial itmakes everything look. For any off-cuts of fabric,haveyourcurtainmakerrun youup somecushions. This enables you to bring the whole schemetogether.

UpholsteryDependingonthe currentstate of your pieceoffurniture,this

couldinvolve covering with newfabricora complete upholstery restoration project. The

immense but the end results are so worth the wait.Agood upholsterercan take an out-dated well worn heap of junk andturnitintoavery special, expensivelooking statementpiece which will be a real show stopper. The added benefit with upholstering olderpieces is that it immediately brings themright up to date. This iswhy a Regency style occasional chair coveredinamorecontemporaryfabricwill look fantastic in a moremodern environment. Do notfeelthatyou have to have thesame fabric all over an individual piece of furniture or even on each of a set of dining chairs. There is acurrent trendtohaveacombinationof complementary fabrics on a single piece, such as apattern andastripe. Or even a collection of complementary fabrics on a set of chairs–theyall go together andyet they areall different.Thisgives your schemea quirky individual edge.You couldalsobuy fabric remnants in complementary colours whichcan then be used as apatchwork cover. You will spend less on the fabric and probablymore on theupholsterybut youcan guaranteenoone else will have thesameitem of furniture.

Fabricsandsoft furnishingsshouldbeusedto

complement and finisha scheme.They canbe dramatic, darkandmysterious or calm, peaceful andinspiring.Whateveryou choose,makesure it reflects your scheme,suits your personality andabove allmakes youwanttocomein, draw the curtains, and enjoy your home.●

EmmaSmithis an interior designer and can be contacted atEmmaSmith Interiors Tel 01749675644


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