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those who “don’t want to compromise” when it comes to quality (plati- num bands), and those who feel they cannot af- ford the best and there- fore need to settle (bands made from alternative metals). But, as jewelry expert Michael O’Connor points out, that doesn’t really give the whole pic- ture.” It’s true that platinum

is so rare — 30 times more so than gold — that if all the world’s supply were melted and poured into an Olympic- size pool, it would bare- ly reach your ankles,” O’Connor says. “But men’s platinum bands start at $500.”That turns out to be pretty compa- rable to the cost of the two most popular alter- native metals: titanium and tungsten carbide. Both are perhaps best known for being used to make fighter jets. Cool, right? Well, yes, but that also means they’re in- trinsically lightweight and lack the heft of plat- inum.” Most men prefer some-

thing that feels mascu- line on their finger,” says O’Connor. There are other facts to

consider, too. Tungsten and titanium jewelry will need special recon- ditioning if scratched, and cannot be resized. Even the more popular white gold will require rhodium replating to re- store its white color due to wear over time. And while platinum — as all precious metals — can scratch, the metal is sim- ply displaced on the sur- face of the ring, meaning very little metal is lost in wear. That makes it the most durable family heirloom that will last generations. Still confused? Then

ask yourself this ques- tion: How committed are

you to your future wife? If the answer’s what we

think, then know that platinum has tradition- ally symbolized a rela- tionship that will endure since it doesn’t fade or

change color. “That’s the kicker for a lot of cou- ples,” says O’Connor. For more information,

visit www.preciousplat- bands.

To Have. To Hold. To Cherish.

CREATING A BRIDAL REGISTRY IS EASY AND FUN! Register and shop for creative, functional, one-of-a-kind bridal gifts that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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