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THE WEIRS TIMES & THE COCHECO TIMES, Thursday, March 15, 2012

“Bush/Cheney Terror Wars”? – “Abortion Is A Blessing ”- Chaffetz: “Someone Of Equal Integrity”?

If you are

by Niel Young Advocates Columnist

one of our loyal read- ers finding the Weirs Times late Tues d a y afternoon and you haven’t v o t e d , may I sug-

gest you goto your town polling place, and vote! Perhaps, you need some information or questions answered, well, here are the answers. IF SB2 for school or municipal is on your ballot: vote yes. IF someone who is not an incumbent selectman or school board member, vote for that person! IF voting for budget commit- tee members, you have to consider: have they been on the board for a long time and your taxes rise every year, then maybe you need new members who will listen to you. IF it is a case of recy- cling former members who were terrible before, then by all means, don’t vote for them again. An- other way of checking, how many educators or others who like to spend

without consideration for those having a rough time financially, are sug- gesting names -don’t vote for their candidates! There are so many folks

in the bedroom commu- nities of Laconia who have written letters to the local papers urging those who do not agree that education is the most important issue on the ballot should move from THEIR town. And IF one does not have children in the local public schools – who do they think they are seeking a seat on the school board? I opine, you consider, and form your own opinion! ********

Due to his mouth, I just

learned of progressive ra- dio talk show host Mike Malloy: “During my pro- gram last Friday night, I commented on the po- tential for destruction caused by the torna- does that were moving through the south with historic fury. “First and foremost, I

sincerely apologize for the inflammatory lan- guage that I used, and for the anger and pain that came as a result of

my comments.” More from Mike Mal-

loy (www.mikemalloy. com) : “A new war with Syria and Iran on the ho- rizon? Is there no end to the Bush/Cheney terror wars?” And to think, he and Obama have enough people who believe that. ********

Sad that this fel low

Malloy is obviously with Bill Maher, Chris Mat- thews, Keith Olber- mann, Ed Schultz and the Malicious Looney Left Who Hate America and Black, White, and Brown Conservative Christians Who Oppose The Obama Change. Little long, will work on that – but you get the point.

******** Penny Starr (CNSnews.

com): “Dr. Katherine Ragsdale, president and dean of the Episcopal Divinity School said that were Congress to outlaw the transporting of a mi- nor without her parents’ permission across state lines to get an abortion she would break the law to continue to help girls end their pregnancies. “Appearing as a Demo- cratic Party witness at a

hearing of the House Ju- diciary subcommittee on the Constitution, Rags- dale recalled the time she took a 15-year-old girl she had never met before to get an abor- tion.

“Ragsdale cited her vows

as an Episcopal priest as the reason why she would ‘have no choice’ but to break the law. “At a Jan. 24, 2010

event organized by the Jane Fund Ragsdale de- livered a speech in which she defended previous remarks she has made stating that ‘abortion is a blessing’.” “‘When a woman gets

pregnant against her will and wants an abor- tion – it’s the violence that is the tragedy; the abortion is a bless- ing.’” Okay, you have my

attention. Against her will, do you mean rape or incest? Katherine, you said woman so I guess you are not talking about a minor. You know; like the 15 year old you took across state lines for an abortion? This is why I do not have a specific church denomination I

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favor. I don’t know the Christians from the im- posters or socialist liber- als. My God knows how I feel. And I have never taken nor assisted in tak- ing a life.

******** So here I am putting

this column together and the phone rings. Some- one from Bedford asking for a donation for the Re- publican Party – specific for us to defeat Our Dear Leader Hussein Obama (my words) in November. It was like God set this up: I told the caller that yes I will vote Republican to rid us of Obama, but I would not give my money to a party who has John McCain and Cong. Ja- son Chaffetz telling me and my fellow Americans that Obama is this mag- nificent man. Remember McCain saying he would not fear Sen. Obama be- coming president. And now from a CN- report by Su- san Jones in her report titled GOP Congressman: We Need to Put Forward Someone of Equal Integ- rity to Obama. Cong. Jason Chaffetz:

“I do think experience matters. I have nothing personal against Presi- dent Obama. He’s a very nice person, he’s been very nice to me, he’s got a beautiful family. I dis- agree with his policies and his positions.” Chaffetz with one of the reasons he supports Mitt Romney: “He’s been mar- ried for 42 years, he got this wonderful, beautiful family, has been scandal- free in his personal life. “That’s the kind of per-

son -- that’s what the Democrats did, right? They put up someone with a beautiful family in the Obamas. And we need See ADVOCATES on 11

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