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IN THE AIR? This time of year comes around and for some, the romantic in them blossoms—for

others the crabby cynic arrives. Which one will you be? The temptation when you’re single is to dismiss the holiday in its entirety—sort of a

“bah heartbug” to the whole thing. But, is that the best course of action? So many of us are still searching for Mr. (or Ms.) Right, perpetually hoping to find that perfect match. Our guest relationship expert Patrick Perrine sums up what I feel is the most precise response to finding excellence in love: “Perfect doesn’t mean they are literally perfect, no one is. Mr. or Ms. Perfect is about finding the person who is a perfect fit for you.” Takes some of the pressure off don’t you think? Nobody is perfect, I know that I’m not, but it’s nice to know that there is somebody who will compliment your life perfectly—not fix it or make it all better (nobody can do that for you), but add to your experience of it. I like that. That is not to say that you should give up on romance, I am a total hopeless romantic

even after all of these years. You want to melt my heart? Send me candy (not too much though, I am training), flowers (a live plant is so much better) or take me to a nice dinner with a little Champagne (Veuve Clicquot please) and you will have touched my heart. Who can’t use a little sweeping—of the off-the-feet kind? Take you loved one to the opera this month, San Diego Opera is having the world pre-

mier ofMoby Dick this month—composed by Jake Heggie, whose vocal and stage works have been performed by dozens of international opera companies around the world. He resides in San Francisco with his partner and was gracious enough to grant a fascinating interview about his process for the much praised works on page 42. If opera is not your heart’s desire, take in the venerable Ms. Roberta Flack, interviewed

on page 50. She is performing this month at the Segerstrom Center for the Performing Arts in Costa Mesa; one of the richest and most sultry voices out there. One of her greatest hits (and one of my all-time favorite songs—still makes me melt), is “Killing Me Softly,” if that song doesn’t make you tingle just a little, you are beyond cynical. If you are single, do yourself a favor—don’t ignore the holiday. Like Jacob Glass our

spirituality writer on page 32 suggests, do for yourself what you would do for your part- ner. Get yourself a cupcake and flowers, drink a little Champagne, take yourself to dinner and celebrate life—if you don’t want to do it alone ask a single friend. After all, you are here aren’t you? Take a moment to remember, that waking up every morning and being able to take that first breath is reason enough to celebrate.

Love yourself. Love your friends. Love this thing we call life. Joel Martens, Editor

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