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he people on these pages who share with us the future they want did so on a ‘pay as you wish’ basis. They have given you their contact

details so that, if you resonate with them, you may look them up. This experiment has been an

overwhelming success in terms of interest and energy support, and a work in progress in some other ways. However we think it important to continue and see where it leads. The contributions are once again

heartfelt and rich, and I am sure you will get a gift from reading them. We’ll change the focus for the March

issue: ‘See yourself and your state of health from a higher perspective’. If you have something to contribute,

and you’d like to get your name and contact details in front of nearly quarter of a million LivingNow readers, all you need to do is submit 120 words and a photo by 14th February and pay what you see fit. Please write to

au or key in this address for submission guidelines: component/content/article/4435.html

PSYCHIC VISIONS FOR 2012 The future we want is one of peace, love, laughter, contentment and sharing of our positive methods

to make not only our lives but the world a better place for all and for our future. The destructive impact of consumerism on our planet goes without saying, but the impact to our emotional and mental health, when we constantly want more, is concerning. It’s as if we have a deep sense that something is missing in our lives and believe that the next purchase will fill the gap and make us whole. It doesn’t. With the resources on the planet rapidly running out, maybe it’s time to realise that we don’t need more ‘stuff’; we need more contentment with the ‘stuff’ we have. Jenni B.

LET’S CREATE A SPACE OF LOVE Remember when the earth belonged to every one? How wonderful it would be if we all owned our own

land - and lived surrounded by a loving community. This is our vision, and we are not alone! The worldwide Ringing


Cedars movement - based on the books by Vladimir Megre has inspired us to take back our motherland (our beloved place on earth) - and to find others who want to do the same! Join us for an eco-village party - or hold one in your own area. We would love to start an eco-village based on a common spiritual path - healing the earth, families and communities with a gentle way of life. 02 4782 5265.

HEAL HOW YOU FEEL And let the world grow from there. My vision is for world peace through inner peace. By choosing

infinite love and gratitude in every encounter, we take huge steps towards this reality. Many people make intentions for their day. The dilemma is that our subconscious mind holds limiting beliefs, which prevent us from experiencing our highest potential. The Lifeline Technique is a unique system that allows us to instantly access subconscious emotional patterns and to heal them. By healing these patterns, we create open channels for energy to flow. Our intentions manifest much more easily. When we heal how we feel, we begin to thrive in our bodies, lives and relationships. Contact me on 0408 587 374 or to experience a free Lifeline session.

HORSES TEACHING HUMANS 2011 was a year of significant challenges

for many. 2012 is an opening to relax, reframe and rejoice on where we have been, and how we wish to contribute. Horses have the ability to lead us

to connect to our inner wisdom, gifts and what we may have forgotten. Their instinctive responses to stress, danger and emotion reflect or mirror the human experience to similar situations (fight, flight, fidget, fear, freeze). This is a chance to re-align ourselves in nature with a 4 legged ‘master’ who is fully focused on the now. Join us for a grounded, safe and fun filled journey of self discovery. Individual or group sessions (Jan 21st) - all on the ground. Sue Weatherill M: 0411 119 594

FOR OUR FUTURE I’d like to see everyone access, harness and manifest their true power – the power we are divinely given – and use it to create an

amazing life. We are still going through such transformation and upheaval but what a blessing it is. As an energy healer, I’ve witnessed many changes in people through these magnificent times and the results are spectacular. The way we create, love and interact has shifted substantially and, if this hasn’t happened for you yet, I can assist you on your journey using energy healing, essential oils and holistic guidance. It’s time to shed the shackles and allow the universe to flow through us unrestricted, passionately and lovingly. Kristine Meredith Gymea, NSW, 0408 645 181

LIVE YOUR TRUE NATURE AND PURPOSE My vision is to share and communicate the way to love, freedom and peace,

using tools that I have learned through changing my own adversities, and my brush with cancer, into a vibrant healthier life. I am an accredited Magicians Way coach and teacher, a photographer and artist. Ask yourself ‘What am I over? What would I love to create? Why am I here?’ If you would love to live a life from your authentic self, and create the life you were born to live, you have a choice. If you would like to find out, contact Margaret Bending for intuitive readings and coaching sessions on 0403 712 900 or 07 3899 3290, or email:

WOMEN’S SEXUALITY - BACK TO THE FUTURE Women’s sexuality has been suppressed for over two millennia. Right now

it’s ok for a modern Western woman to look and feel sexy. However many are embracing their sexuality in a ‘masculine’ way, unconsciously being influenced by male stereotypes. True feminine sexuality is to be sexy but sacred at the same time. To find inspiration we can go back to the ‘Qadishu’ – women of the sacred temples of Aphrodite. If women are to get the heartfelt soulful sex they deserve, first they need to be sexy and sacred in their lovemaking and, secondly, to teach men how to support them in this evolution. Tantra Goddess Practitioner training covers exactly that. Also check out newly released book ‘Sexy and Sacred’. Diane Riley.

THERE IS NO FUTURE - ONLY YOU - NOW What you do today in the now will shape the future that you want. Change starts in this moment

and the first step is to decide you want to change. The second step is to bring awareness to what you wish to change and the final step is to be the change. At Experience Relaxation & Healing we work in partnership with you to facilitate the changes you wish to make. You will feel supported, empowered and most importantly heard as we guide you with our courses such as Healing with your chakras, Spiritual master class, Reiki, Future progressions and more. Visit our website at www. or call us on: 03 9078 0984.

THE FUTURE IS HERE NOW! Most of us have the knowing that ‘one day’ we will have it all – happiness, health, great relationships,

prosperity and success. Yet many people push their happiness away somewhere into the distant future. A stargate opened on 11:11:11 opening to the 5th dimension. Many portals are opening and another huge shift occurred on Jan 1st, 2012. This energy is available to access NOW. Gaia is now transforming into Terra Christa and the whole earth is sacred. The gates to Eden have been reopened. It is my privilege to offer you the key to enter paradise and anchor these 5th dimensional blueprints in your living spaces. Christina Papageorgiou 0418 388 144,

CLEARING SPACE AND MIND My sincerest wish is that everyone will accept that each person is the creator of their life experiences.

Taking responsibility for what is happening in our life is the first step in becoming a master. Gurus, lamas, shamans and kahunas have known this for thousands of years and it is time that everyone claim these responsibilities and powers. How can we make changes in our surroundings when our body and mind have blockages regarding a positive outcome? Our belief patterns are stronger than our conscious will to create changes in our life. As much as we need to clear our space around us, it is essential to clear our mind to support us in moving into these higher vibration. Marlih Jung

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