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In the heart of all us lives our true self, our god self. Our original nature

is that of love, peace and harmony. Most of us do not live in our true selves due to beliefs and pain we have been exposed to over lifetimes. At Creative Peace Healing Centre we not

only run weekly meditation and spiritual development classes, but we also hold monthly workshops run by spiritual healer, psychic, teacher and owner, Catreeana, to help reconnect us to our god nature. Singing bowls are a big part of Catreeana’s

work and they are an ancient spiritual tool. By far our favourite and most popular workshop is Soul Sound. This is where Catreeana uses the bowls to give sound readings (like a tarot reading) to show how our energy works in a practical way. Apart from regular Soul Sound workshops

(every two months starting in Jan), we will also be running two other bowl workshops. The Magic of Singing Bowls (June) is where we

will be looking at the mystical and wonderful uses for the bowls and how they can help heal and open us back up to our original nature. Personal Journey of the Singing Bowls into

Peace and Harmony (Oct) is a practical guide for how to use them in your own journey. This is perfect for those who own a singing bowl or are interested in learning how to use them.

Conscious Awareness of Self (Feb) is another

main part of Catreeana’s teachings. It is based on the idea that we are the creator of our lives. The more awareness we have, the more consciousness we open up and even more magical our lives become on our spiritual journey. Journey into the Centre of Me (April) is an

intensive two-day workshop teaching us to look into the core of who we truly are and how to move away from beliefs, ideas and hurt that keep us from living a life of magic. The Sex, Sexuality and Sensuality 2-day

workshop (Aug) addresses the need many women have to reclaim and talk about their sexual life in a safe and sensitive environment. And the final workshop for 2012 is the New

Year’s Resolution (Dec). Catreeana will teach how to set our intentions for spiritual harmony and balance in the year ahead. “Catreeana is truly an advanced soul”. (Elizabeth Jewell, LivingNow)

For further information or to make a booking please call Catreeana on 0409 805 674 or

reliable methodology for testing organ systems to determine what remedies may restore cellular resonance. QRA has helped me move towards a truly holistic model of care which includes the emotional level of health, and a method for clearing and identifying blocks which were previously not easy to identify by standard methodologies. This course is a ‘must-attend’ for all natural

health practitioners wanting to advance their skills at identifying and managing health imbalances.



We offer dynamic training programs in: • Certificate and Diploma in Holistic Counselling starts in VIC Feb and in QLD April, 2012

• Effectiveness Training: Personal Empowerment with Judith Richardson (VIC) and Cate Crombie (QLD)*

• Effectiveness Training Instructor Training (VIC and QLD) – dates on enquiry

• The Work of Byron Katie: with Rosie Stave (Certified Facilitator) VIC and QLD

• Family and Systemic Constellations with Maria Dolenc and Margarete Koenning – April and June weekends, 2012


These beliefs are the source of all the habits in our lives. Our habits define our health, self esteem, relationships, prosperity, personal power and how we deal with grief. Almost everyone finds it difficult to make


After having worked for many years as a holistic physician, attending a QRA course provided me with a

changes in these areas, however with PSYCH-K it’s surprisingly easy. PSYCH-K’s taught in a fun interactive weekend workshop which registers you as a Facilitator so you can work with clients as well as yourself and those you love.

For info and Australian dates call Ian now on 0414 426 486, or visit


Learn to channel the energy of grace and wholeness with Peggy Phoenix Dubro 19 March 2012 at Rydge’s Hotel, 186 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Personal Growth & Accredited Practitioner Training with Justus H Lewis, PhD starts 5 February 2012

contact Justus 0400 156 069 or email: visit for more details

THE CHANGE WE CREATE is through enabling self alignment, self

empowerment & the opportunity to be complete. For change to be lasting it must

come from within. This is the key, the driver & the centre to have the world; the life that you want.

The change I want to create is to

help others help themselves through learning, understanding & embracing their own strengths & abilities. It is my mission, with my expertise & my passion

that I dedicate my life to the incredible cause of enabling others.” Hally Rhiannon-Nammu


03 9530 5262 or 0488 88 0077 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2012

The Lessons of Injustice


March 24 Injustice of Idleness

July 28

Injustice of Selfi shness

May 12 Injustice of Deception

October 20 Injustice of Intimidation

For more information, the fl yer or an enrolment form Phone: 03 5625 4466

For the fi rst time in three years, Diamond Essence Australia is open to new students!

The DIAMOND APPROACH uses experiences of everyday life as the gateway to the realization of our True Nature. Explore the DIAMOND APPROACH to Inner Work.

Find out more at Speak to us: 02 9423 6976

Become a BodyTalk Practitioner Take Charge of Your Health

Increase health, harmony and vitality with BodyTalk, tailored to each individual. Presented by:

Melissa Smith CBI, CBP, BAVT

Melissa knows and loves/ breathes the subject matter and I couldn’t help but get excited too. She makes you believe that anything is possible. J. Phelan

ANYONE CAN LEARN IT Free information pack: (07) 3319 8976

March iss

SEMINARS: •Brisbane •Canberra •Sydney



Details call Ian Spicer 0414 426 486

Psych-K’s a simple self- empowering process to change your beliefs that impact your life at a cellular level

Bruce Lipton Ph.D. Cellular Biologist Author of The Biology Of Belief

Your beliefs determine

your biological & behavioural reality

sue booking date is Va nt alentine’s Day

IICF, AHHCA and ACA Professional Development credits accredited. *Nationally accredited program.

For details: 07 5471 1205, QLD or 03 9314 7768, VIC

VIBRATIONAL ENERGY AND SHAMANIC PRACTICE Heather Price is in her tenth year of teaching Integrative Vibrational Energy Therapy (IVET) and Shamanic Path and Practice.







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