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Autumn 2011 Contents Editor’s letter What’s inside Well here it is…

our first edition of the new First Eleven senior schools issue.

I am thrilled to be able to bring you a more grown-up magazine dedicated to helping you and your teenage children get to grips with the education issues they will be facing. We will answer the questions they

ask at home; which exams to take, where to apply to university, shall I take a gap year and for how long, and of course that ultimate question, what will I do when I grow up? Growing up is fun, it’s cool, but

it is also a little scary now that it is not that far away. With this in mind, we have asked experts, writers and academics to advise you on choosing the right university, paying the fees, managing UCAS forms and preparing for that all-important transition from comfortable public school to the big wide world with all its choices, pressures and challenges. We have ideas on how to keep a teenager’s car insurance down, and to help your children drive more safely. We have pondered the investment value of buying or renting university digs. And we asked Raffaella Barker for some advice on a teen skiing holiday you know they will get out of bed for. Plus, Anthony Seldon recalls his halcyon days among Oxford’s glorious spires.

NEWS 5 News

A round up of school, gap, university and career news

COMMENT 13 Head View

CAREERS 45 So You Want to Be a…

47 Leading Lights

Vivienne Durham on managing teenage girls

15 Pupil View 21 Why A*s Win

Etonian Louis Metcalfe raised £200,000 for Leukaemia research

Professor Ranald Michie explains why he is asking for the A* grade

23 Naked Ambition

SCHOOLS 16 Ahead of Exams

Sir Alan Steer on fostering drive

Oundle’s head of Careers Carolyn Gent on Law

An architect, a Montessori teacher, a conservationist and an estate agent on how they got there

FINANCE 51 How do you do it?

55 Give us Credit

Invest your way to private school, says James Rainbow

Ed Flack on controllng credit cards

HEALTH 56 Starving for Perfection

Schools and universities are tackling anorexia head on, says

Charlotte Phillips gives us the heads up on the latest examinations

24 Grown-up Schools 26 Going for Gold

GAP 29 Mind the Gap

31 Arty Breaks

Changing places by Patricia Carswell

John Goodbody on why independent schools will win at the Olympics

Thea Jourdan 61 E20 works with PSHE 62 Agony Aunt 65 Paranoid Parent

EastEnders helps students talk, says BBC education producer Sarah Miller

Victoria Lambert has the answers It’s a conversation parents dread…

LIFE 66 More than just a Jolly?

Tracy Cook on the school trip

The Leap’s Alice Baines debates the pros and cons of a mini break

Gap advice for creative students by Sara McDonnell

UNIVERSITIES 35 Six of the Best

71 The White Stuff 74 Young Drivers

James Wardrobe fills out your UCAS form

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ADVERTISING Senior Account Director Joanna Macpherson Sales Executives Andy Mabbitt, Freddy Halliday, Henry Davis Group Advertising Manager Justin Geale Deputy Managing Director Steve Ross

Janet Murray, Mark Kopenski and Professor AC Grayling consider a changing arena

78 Dig It 80 Parent’s Page

A skiing holiday with teens can be fun, says Raffaella Barker

Emily Jenkinson asks how can parents help their children drive more safely

Buy or rent, asks Anna Tyzack

Where we talk to you and you talk to us

83 University Memories Anthony Seldon on Oxford

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DISTRIBUTION First Eleven is read by 250,000 parents of children in private education. One Senior Schools issue and two Junior schools issues will be published termly and distributed by UK and international independent schools to their parents

Cover: Students in their final year at St Paul’s Girls’ School

Photographer Hugo Burnand Assisted by Radu Brebene

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