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The Sims 3 Pets E

veryone loves pets, right? they bring delight to our lives. They remind us that we as humans are not the only species on earth, and indeed, that

they are capable of creating incredibly rancid smells.

This was never a problem with my Tamagotchi, of course. Oh the fun we had, and not a single foul smell was ever endured. I still have flashbacks of the fateful day the battery died; his pixelated body fading into oblivion. Perhaps a trip to the shop could have saved his life, but it didn’t seem right, his time was up, technology had moved forward and I was older.

When The Sims 3 Pets landed on my lap, I recalled my time with my beloved Tamagotchi and a wave of nostalgia swept over me. Perhaps in this virtual world I could make up for my past failings. My confession is, that I had never played a Sims game before. It’s something that as a gamer, I didn’t admit. The truth is I saw it as a game for the mainstream, the kind of game that ‘everyone’ has played, from your aunt in the countryside to Faizal who works in the corner shop (he’s a nice guy). That’s no bad thing of course, any game that can achieve such a broad spectrum of fans is clearly doing something very right. My days of being a gaming snob are over, I have now delved into the world of The Sims....

I was initially confused with the whole setup, people died and animals were most certainly harmed. However, after my brief stint of apocalyptic mayhem I started to get into the game. The Sims 3 Pets not only allows you to control the lives of the Sims, but now of their pets too. Once I’d dragged myself away from decorating my home, it was time to create my pet. The console versions of the game restrict you to the choice of either cats or dogs (the PC has horses). That’s no problem for me, I’m a cat man, well, if I had the time I’d prefer a dog; so that’s what I made; Tamagotchi, the dog. Players are able to fine tune their pets to the minutest detail;

My confession is, that I had never played a Sims game before. It’s something that as a gamer, I didn’t admit

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