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Fiona and Mike are experienced running coaches, and always make sure that their holiday runs have a purpose…

“ Francesca went out of her way to help

us find the best runs, driving us along her favourite routes. We agreed that Chilly Powder would be the perfect venue for our Running Inn courses in 2012 (visit to book your place). At 1,000m Morzine doesn’t quite qualify as training at altitude (usually considered to be above 1,500m), but if you do want altitude, Avoriaz is just a chairlift ride away. As it is, the clear mountain air and challenging climbs offer an optimum fitness boost.” Here’s our key holiday runs (plus their purpose) for you to try in training:

around Les Dérêches park behind the town’s outdoor swimming pool. If you have young kids, it’s a great place for one of you to run whilst the other takes the kids horseriding, swimming, or on the climbing high ropes at Indiana Parc. ■ WHAT WE DID: A circuit run mixing resistance and CV work: 20 x dips; 5 x chin ups; 2 x 1 minute planks; 20 x bunny hops; 5 circuits of the monkey bars; 20 jumps up onto the bar; 20 x incline and decline press ups and 20 x tricep dips. ■ THE BENEFITS: This type of workout is easy to do anywhere. It burns fat and builds lean muscle mass and plyometric moves like jumps and bunny hops help you spring off the ground as you run. When you work at a high intensity doing resistance work you carry on burning fat 48 hours after the workout. We also ran 6 x 20 second bursts to sharpen up the legs and help with leg turnover.

Tempo & hills combo “Our first run was on the road to Avoriaz, the next through mountainous trails. We hit 1,500m, and definitely felt the benefits of working on the hills and running in the clear air.” ■ WHAT WE DID: A threshold (or tempo) hilly run of nine miles and a 16-mile long run. ■ BENEFITS: Working at comfortably hard pace for two 25 minute blocks continuously uphill boosts lactate threshold, which means you can run faster for longer. The hills strengthen the legs, as well as giving the glutes a great workout, and boost overall strength, creating more muscle. Long runs on this terrain build strength as well as a strong aerobic base for marathons.

Parkour running “Parkour is a French tradition and is a fantastic idea that has reached parks in the UK. A series of stations are dotted


Fartlek (round the lake) “Lake Montirond was an almost perfect two-mile fartlek loop, again recommended to us by Francesca.” ■ WHAT WE DID: 10 x 1 minute bursts with 1 minute jog recovery, plus warm up and cool down, six miles in total. ■ BENEFITS: Fartlek running on uneven trails is great for strength and for helping you to run faster. The short bursts won’t take too much out of you, and being continuous means it’s great for anyone (like me!) training for a marathon.

✱ ”

Summer races in Morzine

August 13th Trail des Hauts Forts 2011 Courses run through dense woodland, over Alpine pastures, along winding tracks and down technical descents. The marathon course has a total ascent of 3,200m. The event is a qualifier for the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. race/trail-des-hauts-forts-42- km, email for more information and to register for next year. 21st August La Courratt de Nyon Try one of these two killer mountain races, one 5k, one 7k.

THE CHILLY POWDER CHALLENGE On the Chilly Powder Facebook page Francesca asks, “Who has run from Au Coin du Feu to the top of the Prodains gondola in Avoriaz and back again? And what was your time?” Can you do it in under an hour and match Andy Headley and Mike Ovens, RF’s personal trainer, with 59 and 58 minutes respectively? If you visit Chilly Powder, you might find out!



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