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lage pump and a heritage sign would be investigated. The multi-use games area had

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kept dry during the recent heavy rain, which was good news. Ways of reducing street light-

ing costs would be investigated. It was agreed to object to a planning application for a re- placement double garage at 4 Pump Close due to overdevel- opment of the site and the building was not appropriate as it resembled living accommoda- tion.

Councillors objected to an ap- plication to demolish an exist- ing house at 34 Castle Way and erect four semi-detached dwellings as it was felt the de- velopment would have a detri- mental effect on the street scene. The council would also like to

see the trees protected. Mereworth Council Potential danger

A RESIDENT of The Street re- ferred to a recent car accident there and said that, as it hap- pened just prior to the school run, it could have been much more serious. Car parking at The Torrington regularly caused difficulties for drivers. The parish council had requested that Kent Highways replace the original white road markings in this area, but it had not been done. The parish council had worked hard with the school and police to get restrictions in- stalled and improve parking at the school. Itwas felt that speed humps would not be suitable but chicanes might be a possi- bility.

Speedwatch had been suc- cessful for five years and it was hoped it would resume in Sep- tember. It was agreed to ask KCC for

an investigation into ways of dealing with speeding in The Street, and its use as a rat-run through a residential area with a school. It was also reported that parishioners were concerned at the increased use of Beech Road as a rat-run. Following a break-in of the storage container at the recre- ation area, it was reported that the container was insured but its contentswere not as this was the responsibility of the cricket club. Aquote for £120 for repairs to

the lock was accepted as the policy had an excess of £100, and it was not worth making a claim. The chairman felt there were

too many notices displayed in the village hall windows and porch and it appeared scruffy. However, borough Cllr Janet Sergison felt this made the hall look lively and vibrant.

Street light repair THE CLERK had contacted UK Power Networks, previously EDF, regarding temporary dis- connection of the supply to en- able the Gibbs Hill street light to be repaired, and was awaiting further information. County Cllr Pauline Stockell

had agreed to fund an interac- tive speed sign which would be installed on the southbound side of the B2015, opposite Kings’ Cottages. A complaint had been re- ceived about cars not stopping at the zebra crossing and exces- sive speeding along the road. However, there seemed to be no solution as many drivers seem not to care about the rules of the road. The clerk would investigate

when the bus shelter opposite the village hallwouldbeplaced alongside the re-sited bus stop. BT had been asked to repair

the smashed glass in the tele- phone box by the bus stop. An extraordinary meeting of

the village hall committee would be held to decide on new membership. It was noted the Environment Agency’s objection to the appli- cation for the erection of 19 dwellings at Old Syngenta Works, Yalding, had been with- drawn. However, the applicants had not considered the point raised by the parish council, concerning safe exit from the site in the event of flooding, nor the objection concerning the height limit of the structure. It was agreed that the original ob- jections be reiterated. The chairman welcomed Michelle Rumble to the meeting following her appointment as the new parish clerk.

Snodland Council Fall in crime

IT was reported that burglary in Snodland was down by half over this time last year. Nicky de Lacey from the Beat Project gave a presentation on her work which is part funded by the bor- ough council. Kent Highways has had se-

vere cuts in budget and has re- duced the frequency of grass cutting and weed clearance. It will be contacting town councils shortly to discuss its winter policy and will be pro- viding local councils with grit for local use as it did last year. The bowls club has started to

use its green but the pavilion is still not finished. Berkeley Homes had withdrawn its ap- plication to build a car park be- hind the houses at the northern end of Holborough Road. The borough council had agreed to extend the rate subsidy for the museum until 2013. A motion of thanks to Ian

Hobson was agreed, recognising the huge contribution he has made to education in the town over the years since he took over as head teacher at Holmes- dale. The council wished him a very happy and long retirement. The council was advised that vandals had ripped up some of the playground surface at the recreation ground and that the play area had been closed for safety reasons. Councillors were pleased that

local athlete Jack Green took first place in the 400m hurdles at the European Under 23 Championships held in Czecho- slovakia. Earlier this year, itwas agreed that the money raised at the carnival would be donated to Jack to help him with his training. A programme of maintenance

for the Potyns football pitches for 2012/13 was agreed. The cost of around £1,200 would be included in the budget for next year. The terms of the new licence

for Brooklands fishing lake were discussed and it was agreed that information was re- quired before an informed deci- sion could be taken. The council is looking to get an agreement with either the fish- ermen or local businesses to open the gates to the car park at Brooklands Lake early in the morning. New signs for Nevill Park would be bought. The old signs were vandalised some years ago but new ones were needed to help enforce the bans on golf and motorbikes. A new sign would also be put up at the junction of St Benedict Road and Paddlesworth Road signing the cemetery. It was agreed that the council should proceed with a suggestion to create a car park for the cemetery on Ceme- tery Road beside the MUGA. There was considerable dis- cussion about how it might be possible to get better advertising and usage of council facilities. Consideration would be given to a new and more versatile website but this would require more time to keep it updated. Professional photographs of the various venues could be com- missioned and special promo- tional events organised to make people aware of the facilities. The council would look to

run at least one major event over the Queen’s Diamond Ju- bilee weekend in 2012. Local organisations would be invited to attend a meeting to consider what format this should take and also to find outwhich other organisations are planning events for the weekend so that there may be some co-ordina- tion. It was agreed that the rear

door and internal doors at the Cemetery Lodge should be re-

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newed. The erection and dismantling

of the Christmas lights would cost a little less than £3,500 this year. The council’s winter policy

was discussed. The council has some stocks of grit and KCC had indicated it would provide a large bag of grit again. Priorities would have to be set. A new boiler for the cricket pavilion had been purchased. It was agreed to renew the downstairs windows of the De- vonshire Rooms and that the fire escape be sanded and re- painted. The carnival had raised £722

and this was rounded up to £750.

Teston Council Speed problem

CLLR Olive Oxley was re- elected chairman with Cllr Peter Coulling re-elected vice- chairman. The Speedwatch co-ordinator reported speeding was still a problem on both Malling Road and Tonbridge Road,with some near misses, and asked the parish council to consider writ- ing to the police and to Kent Highways. It was agreed that a public meeting would be held to dis- cuss an application for the change of use of land to the east of Livesey Street for the keeping of horses and a caravan for stor- age and mixing animal food. It was also agreed that Turfsoil

be requested to remove the stones from the goalmouth on the village green and apply some clean sand. A new goal net would be put up once this was done. Regarding heavy goods vehi-

cles at Teston bridge,the de- signs provided by Kent Highways related to height re- strictions, but it was expected that similar signs would be available at some point relating to width restrictions. However, the engineer considered the sig- nage at both ends of Teston Lane was adequate. The council would advise the engineer that it would not want to have large signs erected but ask for improved signage at Loves Cottage. Although the mechanical sweeper had been seen, some councillors felt some roads had not been swept adequately. The clerk would ask for an occa- sional report from the service. The schedule of maintenance

for public rights of way was being reduced significantly. It was agreed that the verge at the Tonbridge Road end of footpath KM2 should still be cut and MR500 would need to be main- tained as it is narrow. The parish did not feel able to assist with volunteering.

Malling 31

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