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there were no plans to improve the bus network from West Malling to the new Pembury Hospital. Members discussed concerns

raised by a resident about the increase in unauthorised cars parking on the village green and in some cases, driving over it.

The site had been visited be-

fore the meeting and it was agreed that the existing signage was in the right places and in good repair. The matter would be discussed further with the resident.

Following a query from a res-

ident, the clerk had contacted the owner of the chestnut plan- tation at Sandy Lane and had established that due to inci- dents including fly-tipping and fires, they would not consider giving public access to the woodland. The clerk advised that the

new noticeboard in Trottiscliffe Road was a bit wobbly and needed to be made more stable.

Aylesford Council Parking concern

ECCLES resident William Hadley reported his continuing concerns at parking on the foot- way and the dropped kerbs in- tended for wheelchair movements. He had been encouraged by a

report that Tonbridge and Malling Council parking offi- cers would ticket vehicles ille- gally parked across these sites. He had already contacted the borough parking manager and passed to the PCSO three loca- tions in Eccles where there were problems including Mack- enders Lane and the junction of Cork Street and Bull Lane. Community warden Dave Leipnik had gone on school trips to the Houses of Parlia- ment and the Turner Contem- porary in Margate. Following on the Eccles Past, Present and Future project, he had accom- panied resident Ray Sturgeon and children from St Mark’s School, Eccles, on a four-mile walk around the area to tell the pupils about old place names so they could be remembered. He had also attended the opening of the school’swildlife garden and reported that Ton- bridge and Malling Mayor Cllr Brian Luker had been im- pressed by the children’s be- haviour.

Members reported continued parking at the junction of the Old Bridge and the High Street despite understandings that po- lice, wardens and borough parking officers were aware. The PCSO would attend to ve- hicles parked there. The new solar park at the Is-

land site was near completion and on target to meet the dead-

line when the Government sub- sidy for larger solar farms would end. The regular direct debit of £615.04 for street lighting en- ergy was noted. It was sug- gested that County Cllr Peter Homewood could use his high- ways grant to upgrade parish lighting to the standard of adop- tion by Kent Highways. This would help reduce energy costs to the parish council.

Hospital transport Birling Council

IT was agreed that public trans- port to the new Pembury Hos- pital was essential and the chairman would email the council’s strong objections to the borough council regarding the withdrawal of the planned provision of transport from West Malling, Borough Green and Hadlow. PCSO Kim Hockey reported

there had been one daytime burglary in Stangate Road and an attempted burglary in Sandy Lane, but no one had been ap- prehended. Thefts of metal and cable

were increasing in the locality and becoming a national issue. Residents should be vigilant and report anything suspicious. Borough Cllr Matthew Balfour advised that he wished to stand down as the parish council’s representative for the Village Hall Charitable Trust.Here- ported that Tonbridge and Malling Council would not be cutting services or jobs and there is a fund of £500,000 to be spread over a number of years for community projects for which parish councils could apply. In response to questions about

the commencement of the traf- fic calming and resurfacing work he said that these works were being carried out in rota- tion, but that recent bad weather might be the reason for the delays. Sylvia Spooner was co-opted

on to the parish council. Cllr Tony Beadle volunteered

to cut back the regrowth of veg- etation at The Bank.Aquotefor work to provide a more perma- nent solution would be ob- tained. It was agreed that, in addition

to donations already approved for All Saints’ flower festival and the village party, a Remem- brance Day wreath would be purchased. No other donations would be made. A donation for the proposed Diamond Jubilee street party in 2012 would be considered nearer the time. It was suggested that, as Bir-

ling was no longer operating Speedwatch, the police could be asked to make a visit with a speed gun. No objectionswere raised to a planning application to remove

an ash tree at 8 Ryarsh Road, Birling, which was damaging a neighbour’s fence.

Hog roast refusal Ditton Council

A REQUEST had been received for permission for a hog roast in the grounds of Ditton Commu- nity Centre during a 60th birth- day party. It was refused as hog roasts would not be safe in a public place. Liz Day and Nigel Newman

were co-opted onto the parish council. Borough Cllr Jeanett Bellamy introduced herself. She re- ported that Papas restaurant had been asked to relocate re- fuse bins. She would be obtaining de-

tails from Aylesford Parish Council about the funding of its outdoor gym and passing them on to KCC warden John New- ton.

Borough Cllr Carol Gale re- ported on two further applica- tions at Papas for a revised roof plan and materials. The following planning ap- plications were considered:Ad- joining 38A Bradbourne Lane, fell belt of poplar trees because of potential damage to property – no objection; SCA Packing, Papyrus Way, outline applica- tion for demolition and erection of warehouse development – no objection; Knoxes Shaw Farm, change of use and conversion of former office and barn to two units of residential accommo- dation and cessation of lawful use of land for parking HGVs – no objection; 37 The Stream, conservatory – no objection; 497 London Road, illuminated signage to new Papas Fish Restaurant – would prefer swan-necked lights so as not to throw light across the road and to neighbouring properties. The council and halls for hire websites had been reviewed and it was felt that both were not user-friendly.Itwas re- solved to ask for a link to Google, provided this cost was no more than £300. A donation of £100 was agreed towards the cost of the hog roast at the family day joint venture with the church.

East Malling and Larkfield Council

Tesco meeting

BOROUGH Cllrs Russell Taylor and Mike Parry-Waller had met Martin Francis, general man- ager of Tesco in Leybourne to discuss various issues including reports of youngsters obtaining and drinking alcohol on the green opposite the store; lorries parking on double yellow lines in LeybourneWaywhile drivers are shopping; and litter around the site. The manager had un- dertaken to keep a closer eye on these matters.

Cllr Liz Simpson is working

with people in East Malling to hold a Diamond Jubilee cele- bration on June 3, 2012. Venues will include South Ward play- ing field, East Malling Institute, East Malling Village Hall and the village green. The council hadagreedtothe useofEast Malling Village Hall free of charge. East Malling Conservation Group was looking into the speed of traffic in the village. Traffic counts were being taken in Wateringbury Road and Chapel Street. The borough council had

been asked to look at the shabby state ofMartin Square. Many of the trees needed attention or re- placing and there were weeds growing up through the paths. County Cllr Trudy Dean had

paid for five salt bins in the parish from her highways fund and was looking into an addi- tional one being provided in The Ferns. The proposal for dealing with parking issues in Larkfield Road and Larkfield Close had been reassessed at a cost of £6,200 – more than double the £3,000 originally informed. Cllr Dean is going ahead with funding the new proposals shown on the plan that was cir- culated. It was agreed the bor- ough council be requested to fund the change to yellow lines and KCC should provide the re- placement weight restriction sign for New Hythe Lane. Following an email to the bor-

ough council regarding the poor state of the street nameplates in Rocks Close,theywillbein- spected and cleaned or added to the next batch for replacement. Following ameeting with res- idents of Lunsford Lane, the chairman thought that most people present wanted a 20mph speed limit. The cost of 30mph speed indicator signswas being investigated by Cllr Dean with a view to finance from her high- ways fund.

Leybourne Council Swings misuse

IT was reported that part of the fencing was broken at Lil- lieburn by the donkey field and that young adults had been seen misusing the play area swings. The poor state of the fencing

had been reported to the bor- ough council in the past but there had not been enough in the budget to replace the entire fence and ad hoc repairs would be carried out where necessary. It was agreed that behaviour

in the play area had been much improved recently but that management options needed to be investigated. The Scouts had received a

when they arrived back from their litter pick. Work had begun on the vil-

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