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A BIRD bath was stolen from the front garden of a property in Mackenders Lane, Eccles. All plumbing fixtures were

taken from a building in the Scout centre in Buckmore Park, Blue Bell Hill, in an overnight break-in. A fern tree in a large ceramic

pot with copper finish was taken from the front of a prop- erty in Hawkes Road, Eccles. Two metal kissing gates were

taken from farmland in Bir- ling Hill, Birling. A corrosive substance

was sprayed on cars in a compound at the rear of commercial prem- ises in Branbridges Road, East Peckham. Six tractors on a farm in Butchers Lane, Mereworth, were vandalised by having sand put into their engines or petrol tanks. A child’s scooter was taken

from a shed at a property in Vic- tory Drive, Kings Hill. A quantity of heating oil was

taken from a tank in a garden in Wateringbury Road,


Malling.Asmall blue van,with possible writing or logo on its side, was seen around this time. A satellite dish on the roof of

a property in Ditton Court Close, Ditton, was stolen overnight. A cream Bailey Pagent Provence caravan was stolen from the activity centre caravan park at Buckmore Park, off Maidstone Road, Blue Bell Hill. At the same location, a white Hobby 560 Delux caravan was also stolen and a motorised car- avan was broken into and a gen- erator and a black and grey Saracen bike were among items taken. Amale was seen in the cab of

a van parked in Seven Mile Lane, Mereworth, while the driver was making deliveries; he ran off when challenged. Two bikes and an electric drill

were taken after a container in a yard off theA228 at Snodland was broken into overnight. Electricity cable was taken

from poles running along a field in Aldon Lane, Offham.Lad- ders from a nearby farm were used to access the cable. Thieves stole two cameras

and a packet of cigarettes from a property in Meadow Bank,

Beat the criminals IF YOU CAN HELP, PLEASE PHONE: Police: 01732 771055 Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111

West Malling. The rear garden fence of a property in Woodlands Road, Ditton, was pulled down and damaged overnight. A Kubota tractor was taken overnight from a stable- yard in Horns Lane, Mereworth.Anout- building was also broken into. Four hanging bas-

kets and plants were taken from outside pub The Swan, The Green,West Peckham.

Commercial premises in New

Hythe Lane, Larkfield,were broken into and the ignition of a vehicle was tampered with. Ablue and white child’sBMX

bike was taken from a garden in Catlyn Close, EastMalling. Copper cables used as light-

ning conductors were taken overnight from two oil tanks at commercial premises in Mill Street, East Malling. Acar parked in Malling Road, Snodland,was keyed and a side mirror damaged. Lead flashing was taken from

the roof of the medical centre in Admiral Moore Drive, Royal British Legion Village. At an educational building in Alexander Grove, Kings Hill, the door of a storage cupboard was badly damaged. Metal items were stolen overnight from the compound of commercial premises off Mills Road, QuarryWood. A black bicycle was taken

from the staff bike shed atWait- rose car park in Beddow Way, Aylesford, was taken. The cable to a satellite dish at

the rear of a property in Owen Close, East Malling, was dam- aged overnight. The catalytic converter was

taken overnight from a van in Bull Lane, Eccles. A wheel trim and the casing

for both sidemirrors were taken overnight from a car parked in an access road offMalling Road, Snodland. Lead flashing was removed from the front porch of a prop-

erty in Temple Way, East Malling. Vandals keyed a car parked in Holborough Road, Snodland. Fuel was siphoned from ve-

hicles in the yard of commercial premises in Arnolds Business Park, off Branbridges Road, East Peckham. Cones with concrete bases placed on the roof of a car in a car park in Booth Close, Snod- land, caused damage to the ve- hicle. The front number plate was removed from a van parked in Birling Road, Snodland. A car left in the Manor Park

car park off St Leonards Street, West Malling, was broken into and a handbag and its contents taken.

Copper cable was taken from

a pole in Holly Hill, Snodland. A DVD player, Satsav, sun- glasses and a booster seat were stolen from a car parked in Elm Crescent, East Malling. A street bollard was thrown

over a fence of commercial premises in New Hythe Busi- ness Park, damaging a van parked inside. A nail gun left at a building

site in Beacon Avenue, Kings Hill, was stolen. Two casually clothed white males, aged about 28, entered commercial premises in King Street, West Malling, and stole cash. When challenged they ran off in the direction of Ryarsh Lane. A blue mountain bike left in Eccles Park was taken. The immersion tank was

taken from an empty property in Offham Road, West Malling, causing flooding to the ground floor. At the leisure centre in New

Hythe Lane, Larkfield,two tyres on a car were slashed. Other cars parked at the centre were also damaged in separate incidents. A car in a car park in Hardie

Close, East Malling, was dam- aged consistent with being jumped on. A red and black BMX bike

DownsMail In touch with your parish

Addington Council No to signals

KENT Highways had advised that the scheme to install sig- nals at the junction of Seven Mile Lane with the A20 would not receive funding this year due to budget cuts and the fact that other projects provided bet- ter value for money through ca- sualty savings. The one crime in the past month had been the theft of tiles

24 Malling

from the builder working at St Margaret’s Church. The parish recommended ob- jection to a retrospective plan- ning application for a free- standing pylon and advertise- ment at Big Motoring World, London Road, Addington. Members objected on several grounds including harm to the rural and visual amenities of the surrounding area and concerns over road safety, signage clutter and light pollution. Members were informed of

planning issues at the Big Mo- toring World site. It was re- ported that vehicles had blocked the footpath at times. The clerk would monitor this situation. Regarding boot fairs on the

A20 London Road, itwas noted there had been eight at each site and a planning enforcement of- ficer was attending each one. A dog show was being held at

the Greenaway fair and a wrestling match was also planned. The clerk would in-

vestigate whether an entertain- ment licence was required. The unofficial layby outside

Big Motoring World would be reinstated by Kent Highways this summer. Although emergency repairs

to a water main within the car- riageway at Sandy Lane had been carried out, the road was still flooded. The clerk would report this. Concern was expressed that

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was stolen from a rear garden in Lower Bell Lane, Ditton. The catalytic converter was removed from a car parked on a driveway in Smithers Lane, East Peckham. Diesel was stolen overnight

from a generator at commercial premises in Teston Road, Offham. An attempt was also made to break into the prem- ises. A silver Peugeot people car-

rier (02-reg) was stolen from Thomson Close, Snodland. A large metal shipping con-

tainer was stolen from a com- mercial site off Forstal Road, Aylesford. A black BMX bike was taken

from an insecure shed to a property in Alma Road, Eccles. Radiators and copper piping

were taken overnight from an outbuilding at commercial premises in Mill Street, East Malling. Two bicycles secured in the

front garden of a property in Ash Close, Aylesford, were stolen. A fire started in the early

hours in the car park of B&Q in London Road,


caused damage to sheds and other merchandise. A laptop and Satnav were

stolen from a car parked at a business centre in Danns Lane, Wateringbury. taken. The number plateswere taken

from a car parked overnight in Lee Road, Snodland. A top window of a bus travel-

ling along Holborough Road, Snodland, was smashed. Two tyres of a car were slashed in a car park in Carna- tion Close, EastMalling. A blue mountain bike was

taken from the rear of a unit on the SouthAylesford Retail Park, QuarryWood.

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