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Special youngsters receive awards

INSPIRATIONAL youngsters were hon- oured for their achievements at Tonbridge andMalling’s Try Angle awards ceremony. The youngsters, aged 11 to 18, and their families and friends enjoyed an evening of entertainment at the Angel Centre, Ton- bridge. The annual awards recognise those who have overcome personal struggles and made an important contribution to the com- munity. Winners included:

 Charlie Ferns (12), of Halling – Personal Achieve- ment in Sports. Charlie, who attended More Park School, West Malling, is a member of Snodland Boxing Club where he shows true sports-

Mike Foster MICHAEL Foster (73), was a well-respected farmer and auc- tioneer known to many throughout Kent. From his

early years, farming was in his blood, inheriting the love of live- stock animals from his fa- ther, Dick Foster, whose father was a foundermember of the auctioneering firm Ambrose & Foster. Michael was a natural sports-

man, excelling on the cricket pitch. He twice played at Lords Cricket Ground for his school, Tonbridge, when, as a slow spin bowler, he took five for 55 runs in one match. He took up golf with enthusi-

asm. Squash and rackets were two other sports he enjoyed.

manship and commitment.

 Charlie Barns (13), of East Malling – Volunteering and Service to the Community. A pupil at The Malling School, Charlie helps elderly neigh- bours by putting away refuse bins, cutting grass and gener- ally helping where he can.

 Mary-Ann Morrison (18), of Larkfield – Good Friends and Young Carers. Mary-Ann, who attends the Malling Youth Proj- ect, was part of a group who went to Eurocamp in 2010. She was cheerful throughout the week and welcomed all the foreign young- sters, helping them to sort out any problems.

We will remember

AfterNational Service, he first ‘learned the ropes’ of auction- eering before returning to the firm. On the death of his father in

1974 he took over the running of Court Lodge Farm, Boxley Road. He was known to be a ‘fair boss’ – if at times tough. Lambert & Foster,with offices

in Paddock Wood and Cran- brook, became his extended family, particularly in later life when farming practices became more computerised, which in- furiated and baffled him. He fought back to health after

a massive stroke in 1996, re- gaining almost full movement. Then, he received an invita-

tion from the clerk to the course at Lingfield to auction the win- ner of the selling race. This be- came a regular feature of his


Put brake on selfish parking Dear Sir - I have raised this problem with my local councillor who has taken themat- ter to the council, KCC highways depart- ment and the police. No-one appears to either advise or act on the matter. I refer to the persistent parking of motor vehicles on the footpaths and grassed areas on the Poets Estate in Larkfield. Can anyone explain to me the mentality

of these selfish, inconsiderate and down- right lazy drivers who make a regular habit of causing an obstruction to pedestrians, wheelchair users, mums with baby buggies etc by parking halfway on the footpath. Furthermore, they park on both sides of

the road opposite each other, causing fur- ther obstruction and potential danger to other road users. Those that park on the grassed areas not only cause damage by con- tinual usage, made worse in bad weather, but also prevent the grass from being mowed. Both actions are having a detrimental ef-

fect on the whole area, which was a pleas- ant place to live whenwe bought our house some 30 years ago. A large proportion of houses have desig-

nated parking areas which are suitable for at least two vehicles. Car parks are provided for residents’ use, and these are never full. On-road parking is also available. It appears that some drivers do not care

Saturdays, covering many courses in the South East. His interests included the

Kent County Show, the Mote Cricket Club and the Tickham Foxhounds. In recent years he bravely bat-

tled cancer, continuing with as many activities as was physi- cally possible. He will be much missed by his

sister, Anne Strang, and imme- diate family, and also by many in the farming world, his vari- ous sporting associations and colleagues at Lambert & Foster. A thanksgiving service was

held at St Mary and All Saints, Boxley.  A Justgiving page was set up in Michael’s memory to raise money for the Addington Fund, which helps farmers facing hardship.

about anyone but themselves, nor for the environment orwelfare of their neighbours. They are content to park as close to their homes as possible without regard for the consequences, damage or harm caused. Michael Jacobs, by email

Asda needs longer limits Dear Sir - Like Karen (July, Town), my friend and I along with our children also parked at Asda Living and received a fine for overstaying our time. We were unaware of the charge as they

did not put a ticket on the windscreen of our vehicle. I called Asda and they were ex- tremely helpful. They advised that we write a letter of appeal to "Parking Eye", and ex- plained that they were unable to control the car park situation as it was not their prop- erty. We did appeal and "Parking Eye" retracted

the fine.We are unsure if this company con- trols all of the shops, ie; Hobbycraft, TK Maxx and Homebase. I feel that as Asda has a coffee shop and excellent baby changing facilities along with such a wide selection of home and clothing goods, two hours is not a realistic time span for shopping.

Cheryle Lewis, by email

Dear Sir - With reference to the letter from Karen Carpenter in last month’s Downs

To contact Downs Mail just phone 01622 630330 Tydeman Radio Crew

 Matthew Swinney (14), of Rochester – Personal Achieve- ment in Music. Matthew at- tends The Malling School and has taught himself to play the bass guitar. He now gives les-

sons during his lunch hour and mentors other bass players.  Shane Collins (15), of Snodland – Personal Develop- ment. A pupil at The Malling School, Shane has a medical condi- tion and has given a presenta- tion about this to other pupils. He is also helping to plan and organise a residential trip with the community youth tutor.  Tydeman Radio Crew,The Malling School – Citizenship and Environment. Warren Brewster, Connor Franklin, Harry Green, Ross Shaw, Luke Townsend, Callum Jones and Harrison Garrod took one of their plays, “Stardusters”, to the stage in 2010 and Sir John Stanley MP wrote to the Educa- tion Secretary recommending that the project bemade known to all special needs units in the country.

You can write to us at: Downs Mail, 2 Forge House, Bearsted Green Business Park, Bearsted, Maidstone, ME14 4DT or e-mail:

Mail, I wonder how many people are aware that private companies cannot enforce park- ing fines for exceeding parking times. Although not exactly the same as Karen’s

case, a driver recently received a large 'fine' for parking too long in a privately owned car park. They sent to the company con- cerned an amount to cover the cost of the extra parking. This satisfied the 'contract' they had with

the company. In this case the parking was something like £6 for three hours. They overstayed by one hour so sent £2 as pay- ment for the extra time spent parked. The parking company threatened the

driver with court action and when told, “see you in court then”, they backed off as they knew they didn't have a case. Perhaps hav- ing a receipt from Asda is the same and a strongly worded letter without a cheque for £60 will have the same effect. I believe that imposing a time limit for

you to do your shopping would be seen as a breach of contract by Asda with their cus- tomer. The high profile lawyer famous for getting people off speeding tickets is taking up cases like this and winning. I am sure he would be glad to advise anyone as he says he is “on the case”.

David G.Woodcock, Willington Street, Maidstone

Malling 19

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