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achieve our ambitious strategic growth plans,” Tattershall added.

Kaman Helicopters Appoints Jeff Sharbaugh as New Proposals Manager

Representatives of Kaman Aerospace Corporation announced recently that aero- space industry veteran Jeff Sharbaugh has joined the Helicopters Division as Proposal Manager.

In his new role, Sharbaugh

will be responsible for leading the ongoing efforts of the com- pany’s proposal team, as well as supporting the expanding busi- ness development activities for Kaman Helicopters. “Jeff brings tremendous experience creating successful proposals for the variety of aero- space business areas in which Kaman Helicopters provides products and services,” said Mark Tattershall, director of Marketing & Business Development for Kaman Helicopters. “His industry knowledge and recent successes will surely make a significant contribution to helping us

Some of the biggest names in aerospace, including Bell, Boeing, Sikorsky, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and MD Helicopters rely on Kaman Helicopters’ product group for a variety of special- ized services. Backed by the company’s infrastructure and expertise as a helicopter OEM, Kaman is the only subcontrac- tor with the capability to pro- vide design/analysis and manu- facturing capabilities, as well as testing and flight solutions. Kaman Helicopters is also in the unique business position to offer specialized capabilities including integration, compos- ite and metallic manufacturing, final assembly, rotor blade manufacture, sand erosion testing, an erosion protection system, and whirl tower and flight testing.

“Kaman Helicopters stands alone in its ability to offer heli- copter and aircraft OEMs such a wide array of highly special- ized development, manufactur- ing and testing services,” Sharbaugh said. “Our cus- tomers’ desire to reduce cost and increase efficiency, com- bined with our high levels of expertise and capabilities, will open the door to a growing list of new business opportunities,” he explained. Prior to joining Kaman Helicopters, Sharbaugh managed a variety of develop- ment programs for Ducommun Aerostructures, Lord Corporation and Hamilton Sundstrand. ◆

NVG capability,” Aldous com- mented.

Night Flight Concepts Streamlines NVG Repair With 3D Parts Ordering Tool

At the Airborne Law

Enforcement Association’s 41st Annual Conference and Exposition in New Orleans in late July, Night Flight Concepts showcased their innovative online NVG parts ordering tool and RMA procedures that will help customer streamline main- tenance and repair, reduce time and cost and operational down- time. “We are very pleased to show- case our new 3D NVG Parts Ordering Tool at ALEA 2011,” asserted Night Flight Concepts, President Adam Aldous. “Night Flight Concepts is committed to delivering NVG training and support tools to help our clients develop, implement and sustain a comprehensive and compliant


NFC Tools Improve NVG Maintenance Government regulations explicitly state requirements for NVG equipment maintenance and personnel training to ensure continued airworthiness and safe operations. Night Flight Concepts is helping clients implement end-to-end NVG solutions that address these maintenance requirements more efficiently than ever before.

The administrative and

resource burden required to maintain a compliant, confor- mant NVIS program can some- times be quite onerous. Night Flight Concepts has addressed that burden by developing innovative tools and processes that offer a more efficient way to maintain a safe, high caliber NVG program.

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