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Filter Maintenance Aid also allows for on-condition inspections, pre- and post-flight, to assist in mission planning and visual inspection of filter condition. ◆

The Swedish National Bureau of Investigation Selects Night Flight Concepts as NVG Solutions Provider

Night Flight Concepts, a lead- ing provider of night vision solu- tions, has been selected to provide its NVIO™ NVG (Night Vision Goggle) Computer-Based Training to the Swedish National Police, National Bureau of Investigation. The National Bureau of Investigation includes the Police Helicopter Service, which is tasked with providing search and reconnaissance aircraft and personnel in support of the day-to-day operations and mis- sion of National Bureau of Investigation.

“Reliable, quick and efficient training for our pilots and crewmembers is one of the bene- fits of the web-delivered NVIO™ NVG CBT. For night helicopter operations that use NVG, one cannot get enough updated train- ing,” stated Thomas Lindell, Swedish National Bureau of Investigation Chief Pilot. The NVIO NVG CBT is a blended training system that inte- grates self-paced courseware and practice in advanced synthetic environments. It features instruc- tion on NVG system capabilities

Sandel HeliTAWS™ Selected for S-76 Fleet

Sandel Avionics has announced that its new HeliTAWS wire and terrain avoidance system has been chosen by Hawker Pacific, Auckland, NZ, the operator for New Zealand’s Northland Emergency Services Trust, to upgrade its fleet of S-76 helicop- ters flying in HEMS (helicopter emergency medical services) and executive transport operations. Hawker Pacific also selected


and limitations, operational con- cepts and requirements, equip- ment parts familiarization and NVG operations and maintenance procedures. The NVIO™ CBT was designed to help optimize NVG training support programs for operators and maintainers helping to train individuals to standard and maintain competen- cy faster and easier than using tra- ditional methods. ◆

Sandel’s 4-ATI Primary Attitude Displays, 4-ATI Primary Navigation Displays and Attitude Heading Reference Systems for the STC’d installation, which was performed by Australian Avionics, Cairns, Queensland, Australia. “With the amount of close- to-the-earth flying these heli- copters do in New Zealand’s mountainous terrain, Hawker Pacific recognized that our HeliTAWS provided signifi- cantly advanced operational awareness, as well as safety ben- efits,” said Jerry Henry, Sandel’s director of sales. “And the fact that they chose our displays and AHRS with rever- sionary attitude as the ideal upgrade for their S-76A simply confirms how cost-effective our systems are for helicopter retrofit,” he added. Sandel’s HeliTAWS is a 3-

ATI wire and terrain safety sys- tem that incorporates the revo- lutionary WireWatch™ wire- strike avoidance feature, a Sandel invention that protects helicopters from the nearly invisible threat of known wires, guy lines and transmission lines. HeliTAWS also includes Sandel’s proprietary TrueAlert™ technology, which eliminates nuisance alerts, a problem that other HTAWS products have not been able to overcome. With TrueAlert, pilots can safely take off, cruise, hover and land at off- airport locations without trig- gering nuisance alerts, while still receiving the established benefits of Class-A terrain and obstacle warnings during the entire flight. The system is

completely automatic and does not require pilot management of the phase of flight. Other benefits of

HeliTAWS include its off-air- port landing capability; high- resolution 3-D terrain display; Class A HTAWS functionality; and available NVIS compatibil- ity. Designed for all helicopter operations, HeliTAWS is ideal- ly suited for such demanding missions as HEMS, oil rig operations, tactical military support, airborne law enforce- ment, firefighting and search & rescue.

In other news, Sandel

HeliTAWS™ Received Part 29 Approval on the Bell 412EP. Sandel Avionics announced

it has received an FAA Supplemental Type Certification (STC) for its ST3400H HeliTAWS wire and terrain safety system on a Bell 412EP helicopter. This announcement supplements an agreement Sandel has with the FAA designating Part 27 and Part 29 helicopters operating under Part 91 or Part 135 rules as candidates for Field Approval installation of the ST3400H HeliTAWS unit, providing for simplified instal- lation under the guidelines in FSAW 02-03A. The new STC SR02355LA is available on the Sandel website. ◆


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