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In the Series 1000 suits it controls the microcli- mate inside the suit to absorb excess body heat from the wearer when it is hot. The Outlast® lin- ing stores that heat, then releases it when the wearer gets cold. Moreover there is also a bond- ed antimicrobial layer of 99,9% silver to make sure the material remains fresher for longer. And a 3 mm thick layer, which traps warm air and provides additional insulation .


technology was originally devel-

oped for NASA to protect astronauts from tem- perature fluctuations in space. Outlast® phase- change materials (PCMs) absorb, store and release excess body heat. The principle of PCMs is simply demonstrated. Looking at PCMs two well-known technologies are successfully com- bined: On the one hand is the microencapsula- tion, as known from the chewing gum inside which microcapsules are embedded. While chewing the shell is destroyed, and the taste is released. Another example: perfume probes in magazines. The microcapsules being destroyed while rubbing on the paper, as the smell is released.

The difference in Outlast® materials:

Microcapsules are also used, but the shell is sta- ble and doesn’t get destroyed. The capsules are


very tiny: Around 1,000 fit on the head of a pin (ca. 3 million per cm•). Inside the patented microcapsules, called Outlast® Thermocouples™, substances similar to paraffin are stored, which are capable of phase change. This simple physical principle is well known to everyone, example H2O: Water becomes ice or vapor when ener- gy is added or taken away. PCM technology takes advantage of exactly this same law of physics. The advantages of Outlast® Adaptive Comfort® products on a glance: 1. Absorbs excess body heat 2. Manages moisture 3. Reduces overheating 4. Reduces chilling 5. Reduces perspiration 6. Continuously adapts to thermal changes

Everybody’s sensitivity to temperature

changes is different, which means everyone sweats or becomes chilled at different rates, quickly or slowly. But the temperature corridor in which we feel comfortable is relatively narrow: when the body core temperature of 37°C fluctuates only 2°C upwards or downwards we are subject to fever or hypothermia. Here Outlast®


help. They reduce temperature swings and influ- ence the comfort zone efficiently. The microcli- mate is well balanced; one sweats less and is less


chilled. You feel not too hot, not too cold, but just right.

OUTLAST Outlast Technologies, Inc., a privately held

U.S. corporation, is the worldwide leader in phase change materials and applications. Outlast® tech- nology is the heat management technology orig- inally developed for NASA that enables any tex- tile to absorb, store and release heat. Outlast® technology pro-actively responds to changes in skin temperature to manage

heat and reduce

moisture for everyday comfort. For over 20 years, Outlast has been committed to the development of new fibers, fabrics and coatings incorporating phase change materials, expanding the use of Outlast® technology across more than 200 brands and a multitude of products in apparel, footwear, bedding, packaging and labels, and accessories. For more

information, please visit

SURVIVAL-ONE Survival-One Limited is the world’s leading

provider of survival equipment contractor logistic support (CLS). Focused on serving the oil and gas industry, military, marine, aerospace and

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