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AgustaWestland North America Secures Contract with U.S. Army for the Egyptian Air Force

AgustaWestland recently announced that AgustaWestland North America, Inc. was award- ed a $37.8 million contract with the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM) Contracting Center for Foreign Military Sales to the Egyptian Air Force. “AgustaWestland is proud to partner with the U.S. Army and our allies to provide the most advanced rotorcraft technology for their mission needs,” said R. Scott Rettig, chief executive offi- cer of AgustaWestland North America. “We are committed to exceeding our customer’s expec- tations and believe the modern, best selling AW139 will be a val- ued asset for the Egyptian Air Force’s helicopter fleet.”


AgustaWestland will config-

ure two Pennsylvania-built AW139s for search and rescue missions; support the U.S. Army in training aircrews; and provide a spare parts package to ensure successful fielding of the aircraft. Designed with inher- ent multi-role capability and flexibility of operation, the AW139 offers unmatched per- formance and safety levels as well as the largest cabin in its class. ◆

Grupo INAER Orders Seven AgustaWestland Helicopters

AgustaWestland announced

that INAER, the leading European helicopter services provider, has signed contracts for two EMS-configured GrandNew light twin helicop- ters and four GrandNew light twin and one AW139 medium


twin helicopters for offshore transport. These contracts mark the entrance of the GrandNew into the European EMS and offshore transport markets. The GrandNew helicopters for off- shore transport will be config- ured with six forward-facing cabin seats, the first time such a seating layout has been fitted in the AgustaWestland light twin range. The INAER helicopter fleet includes around 60 AgustaWestland single engine and light twin engine helicop- ters comprising the AW119Ke, AW109 Power, Grand, GrandNew and A109 series, as well as more than 20 AW139 medium twin engine helicop- ters. Emilio Dalmasso, Senior Vice President Commercial Business Unit, AgustaWestland said “We are delighted to have signed these latest contracts with one of AgustaWestland’s largest commercial customers which will expand INAER’s fleet. The introduction of the very latest technology in the light twin class means that Grupo INAER is confirming its confidence in AgustWestland as a supplier of high performance and cost effective helicopters to meet its future requirements.” José Caparroz Martínez, Industrial

General Director and Fleet Manager of Grupo INAER, said “The AW139 has set a new stan- dard in the offshore transport market in its category for worldwide operations, increas- ing capabilities and business opportunities for the operators, while the GrandNew offers out- standing navigation and mission capabilities in the light twin cat- egory. The adoption of one more AW139 and the introduc- tion of the GrandNew represent a tremendous addition to our fleet capabilities, thanks to their excellent performance, payload and technology for the task.” ◆

Burbank Group Orders an AW109 Power Helicopter

AgustaWestland announced that Burbank Group of Australia has placed an order for one AW109 Power light twin helicopter. This aircraft will be used to perform corporate transport missions. The con- tract also includes an option for one GrandNew light twin heli- copter.

Emilio Dalmasso, Senior

Vice President Commercial Business unit, AgustaWestland

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