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New Approach to Marketing at the Florida State Fair

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The Florida State Fair Authority is making changes in how

they will market the annual State Fair. Most notably is the adoption of a new slogan for the long term promotion of the Fair. The Florida State Fair's new slogan is 'THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR.' The use of a changing theme from year to year will be eliminated in favor of adopting a slogan that represents the Florida State Fair brand throughout all elements of its marketing campaign. "It became apparent to us after some initial research that we needed to implement a consistent and cohesive brand identity for the Florida State Fair," said Rip Stalvey, Director of Market- ing for the Florida State Fair Authority. He added that, "Some of the most recognizable brands in the world do not change their logo or slogan every year, otherwise customers would not be able to remember them as easily. By consistently branding this new slogan and using it year after year, we will position the Florida State Fair in the mind of our customers as a once a year, MUST SEE event, not to be missed. They will also come to remember fondly that experience and want to come back every year." The Florida State Fair plans to get back to basics by emphasiz- ing the things people know and love about the annual event. According to a 2010 on-site survey, Fair visitors indi- cated that they were influenced to attend the Florida State Fair by these factors: 1. Food 2. Entertainment 3. Livestock 4. Cracker Country—a rural Florida Living History Museum

5. Rides The State Authority’s Marketing Department also made the

decision to bring in-house marketing and public relations func- tions that were outsourced in previous years. “During a post Fair marketing meeting we determined that we had the staff and equipment to do a lot more ourselves.” Stalvey said. Some pieces of the 2010 State Fair Marketing collateral were

done in-house last year. The Fairs’ television commercial, print ad designs, and social media components were done by Fair Authority Staff. At the recent Florida Festivals and Events Association annual conference the Authority’s marketing en- tries won Best TV Commercial, Best Radio Spot, Best Print Ad, Best Social Media Campaign, Best Promotional Item and Run- ner Up for Photography. “These wins are a real tribute to the talented marketing staff at the Fair Authority,” Stalvey said. For the 2011 Florida State Fair Marketing Campaign all crea-

tive development, media buys, print ads, web site redesign, plus radio and television commercials will be produced by Fair Authority Staff. “We will save a considerable amount of money by no longer hiring outside agencies to do these tasks for us.” Stalvey added. The Florida State Fair’s marketing campaign wil engage peo-

ple with fund and creative promotions to emphasize these core elements. The marketing campaign will kick start in De- cember with the announcement of the Florida State Fair’s en- tertainment line-up and early discount ticket sales available for


Bettye Thompson, Manager of Agricultural Operations, during Ag Camp

This is what it’s all about!

purchase online and at the Fair's Box Office. The 107th annual Florida State Fair will take place on Febru-

ary 10-21, 2011. The Florida State Fair is organized by the Florida State Fair Authority under the leadership of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Agricul- ture Commissioner Charles H. Bronson leads the Fair Author- ity, which oversees the Florida State Fairgrounds and the an- nual Florida State Fair. The Florida State Fair Authority is a non-profit organization which operates primarily from reve- nues generated from the annual State Fair and other ongo- ing events during the year. Presently, the Fair Authority does not receive any state tax appropriations from Hillsborough County, City of Tampa, nor the State of Florida. For more information about the Florida State Fair or the Fairgrounds, visit online, call toll-free (800) 345- FAIR or (813) 621-7821.

South Florida Fair Ag Camps B

y Bty hmsn ete To po What a great time we had with these camps this year. We

switched the field trip days, we hired a tour bus, (Chantel whined about not having air conditioning on the other one!) We added an alligator farm to the Spring Camp, we took some FLORIDA AG IN THE CLASSROOM projects to the extreme, we had a Llama presenter that showed us how to give shots to her animals, we chased pigs (not me) . The summer camp was so hot, on our Farm Tour Day; we

took a tour of UF/IFAS Everglades Research Center in Belle Glade. The kids divided to play “Owl Jeopardy” and got to the championship round! We had full camps, I even increased the number for the

summer one to 40 , we had so much interest! I still get a kick out of letting these kids collect eggs (to see where they actu- ally come from) and then watch their amazement as they see chicks hatch from eggs in the incubator. I think we “WOWED” them with the alligator farm, they each got to hold one; but still their best day is Horse Day. And my best day is the ending ceremonies when Chantel puts them through a skill-a-thon to show the parents what all their kids learned while they were with us. We are already making plans for next year!

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